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Hi everyone,
Thank you for checking in on me.  Everyone always loves to hear my stories of renovations, some good, some bad, most are funny.  Look, if you know me you know I am not scared to try new things, not scared of color, not scared to rip my house apart and somehow I always manage to do everything on a heck of a budget and it comes out great.  Some times you visit a self proclaimed do-it-yourself’er and as you walk through their house and while they are so proudly showing you their projects you are thinking “what in the hell (excuse the french)?” LOL…that’s not me.  I have to admit, I do accomplish some things that even I am amazed at…all praises go to God for that though, not me.

I have some bad female friends too.  Sandy, my girl is vicious on the remodels.  If I ever needed support she is the one to call.  When I was in Jacksonville and said I needed help remodeling my dad’s bathroom to make it handicap friendly she came over with a trunk full of tools.  LOL.  I hear Jennifer is pretty good with the crown molding and I will be sure to call her when I get to that point in my project.  It would be nice if my darling son would replace my compound miter saw!!  Dang I miss that thing.

I have written a book called Country Dreams and its all about how I got to live in NC, my year long search for a diamond in the rough house,  when I purchased it, what I found out about it later  and all about my renovations.  I will tell you that I brought this house because it was a solid little house big on charm and had a decent amount of land.  I did not know the history behind it nor the history I would make in it.  The book also covers my relationship with my neighbors who started out as just people who were giving me information and evolved into surrogate parents.  We had a beautiful relationship and I loved them dearly.  Two of them have since passed, God rest their souls and their spouses are still alive.  The whole Hamlin Rd experience  has been a great one and it makes a great story. I recently  decided to update the book and bring it up to January 2012.  You will have to read the book to find the significance of why January.  Even though the book is available in its original version, if you don’t have it already, I suggest you wait until I revise it. I will work on the revision when I go on break from school. It should be ready pretty soon.

On this blog I will be sharing some things that will go into the sequel.  I will write the next book when I have the house finished….if that day EVER comes.  Having said that, I would also like to let you know that all proceeds from my books go directly into my house projects, so if you would love to help me in my dream, then a good way to support me is to buy one of my books.

Please feel free to comment on anything you read on my blog and throw in ideas if you have them.  I prefer that you comment every once in a while rather than reading all my stuff and not saying a word…they call that  stalking :-).  Letting me know I have readers encourages me to write.  No comments, I assume no interest and the blog could go away.

Be blessed my friends.  Muah

Ms Jay

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