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Refrigerator Dramaaaaaa

Yesterday I was in Lowe’s and I finally found a deal on  a floor model fridge that I couldn’t pass up.  They delivered it today.  So how do you get a fridge in and out of this house?  Why you have to rearrange the WHOLE house of course.  LOL  I am serious about that and when all of  the doors had to be taken off the hinges and everything had to be moved…that’s when it got crazy.  It took them over an hour to get it out the house. 

I had a dilemma: what to do  with the old fridge since it works just fine.  I replaced it because

  1. It somehow  got rust on it and 
  2. It was too big for my kitchen.  

I wanted to keep it but I also knew I couldn’t get it in the basement, there is no room for it anywhere in the house, the barn floor could never hold it and I wasn’t about to give my good fridge to Lowe’s to do God-knows-what with it, so for now I was going to have them leave it on the porch.  They had to take it out the front door because the fridge could not be maneuvered through the kitchen (of course LOL).  So if I wanted to keep it on the porch they would have to walk it around the house then up the steps to the porch.  They were too through with me.

The guy was still here painting so I asked him if he needed it.  He quickly said yes, so I let him take it.  I love giving things to people that need them.  He seemed very happy about that and said it would make his wife very happy. I pointed out the rust and he said he knows how to correct things like that with paint.  Okay that worked out great…now my favorite fridge is gone,  and hopefully its in good hands.  My new fridge is in, my painter has the old one and I can check that off my list and move on to the next item.


hmmmm… I feel like tearing some stuff up…
Got my crowbar out and ready to bust up a wall!  Oh yeahhhh

One thought on “Refrigerator Dramaaaaaa

  1. BTW I purchased the microwave and the fridge floor models. The fridge had a missing drawer but the sales clerk added one in there cause she saw how many days I was window shopping for my appliances…so now marked down and now no damage or missing pieces…and it was half price! microwave more than half off because the mounting bracket and manual missing. the manual is online and the bracket costs $13. So total savings almost $1,000!! That's how I roll!


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