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Some progress was made

Today I feel like some progress was made.  I did wind up demo’ing a wall… or a part of it anyway.  I am going to put in some between the studs shelves.  I thought that would be cute especially if I  paint it all white and then have some glass doors made that match my cabinets.  So look at this picture and see if you can see my vision.

  • The top section is 29″.  I was going to put in two shelves in this section and use the shelves for glasses.  Going to have a glass door and I probably will etch a word diagonally on the glass.  What word?  Probably “Glasses”  LOL,  how imaginative huh?
  • The second section is also 29″  and plan the same thing except  only one shelf will be for glasses and the other 2 will be for cups.  You know this means I have to buy some decent glasses and some funny cups since they will be on display.
  • The bottom section I will put in one shelf and use the space for brillo, dawn etc and the door will be solid, also matching the cabinets.

I am going to have the doors made and like the ones I have on my cabinets now, they will be pretty cheap ($15- 35 each with the hinges).

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