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Thoughts on home…

I am a homebody so my house and it’s ambiance is important to me.  I can’t stand a messy place unless I am in the middle of a project, then I don’t mind it being messy because it reminds me that I am in the middle of a project and that makes me feel good.  So in fact when I am in construction hell…my house reflects it…on purpose LOL.  When I am working on stuff I love climbing over things and I like having everything everywhere…I guess I am just weird like that.

I have always wanted to have a tasteful, beautiful home.  While I would not call what I have beautiful yet, I’ve been told my decorating is romantic and  very feminine.  I like hearing that because it sounds like some place that would put a smile on a guests face.  

Home is truly where my heart is.  When I am coming down my street and my house comes into view I get antsy because I love pulling in my driveway, hearing the rocks crunch under my tires, coming round the back and see the dog sticking his head through the deck stiles, wagging his tail, happy that I am home and waiting for me to get out the car.    
My home is my cave, my silent retreat.  Its my world and only those who are invited get to experience it like I do.  

After I am home for a bit I can tell exactly where I been. On the couch by my laptop computer there is always a pile of mail, a cup for whatever I am drinking (non-alcoholic of course), the remotes for the TV that I am not watching, a pile of mail and of course a little trash bag to rip up and toss all that junk mail.  In my heart I  want my cave to be in order so I am free to do all the things I love doing:  reading, crafting, computing, studying, or whatever floats my boat at the moment,  and I cringe at the thought of being a slave to housework.   

To be honest I hate house work.  I had a cleaning lady and I swear that was the most liberating thing I have ever experienced.  I kept the house neat and she kept the spic in the span. I loved that.  She left to go back to her country and until I get another, I do have to keep the crib in order myself.  

I remember a long time ago I went over my friend Shakina’s house and her bathroom mirror and faucets (in both the bathroom and kitchen) were shiny and spotless.  I thought “man her house is really clean”.  Well in actuality those faucets made her bathroom look cleaner than it was so guess what habit I adopted?  YUP…I make sure all my faucets, mirrors and sinks stay as spotless as possible.  After reading this you gonna go in your bathroom and notice your faucet and mirror… is it yucky? LOL.

I also have some other habits I am a stickler about like I never leave my house without making the bed.  There is no worse feeling than walking in your bedroom after a hard days work to see an unmade bed. 

I do go on a cleaning spree one day a week…usually the day before a paper is due in class and I am thinking of every thing under the sun to procrastinate LOL. My theory is that the guest room is allowed to let get messy, and I  close off that door and remove the door knob when company comes, but the rest of the house has to be clean enough that I can straighten out starting from the time I hear tires rolling down my driveway until the guest gets out the car and rings the bell.  That is not a lot of time (and don’t take that to mean its okay to come unannounced cause that’s never cool)

My house isn’t perfect by any means, but I am OK with that. I love my “cozy” little house.

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