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Phone call with my Pastor…

I got a call from my pastor today checking in on me.  In the conversation I happened to mention my kitchen rehab project.  When I said I knocked out some of my wall I could have heard crickets in the next county chirping.  LOL.  Then when I mentioned I might be building my own cabinets he did the politically correct thing.  He recommended a store that sells cheap cabinets.  LOL Oh ye of little faith…

My pastor does not know me all that well yet so he does not know I have my  arsenal of  paintbrushes and power tools because I just can’t hire people to do what I need to do right now.  Well actually I can hire them all day long, I just can’t pay them, so that wouldn’t be a good idea.   I think I do pretty good but I could be fooling myself and I could be making one mess after another. But its my mess and I am content with it most of the time and  I have to admit, I get a LOT of satisfaction out of creating things with my own sweat and elbow grease.  I like tinkering and if I had a house fully fixed up I think I would go crazy not having any projects.

I work best under pressure and I don’t like to make myself look bad so I now will have to force myself to top myself.  LOL.

4 thoughts on “Phone call with my Pastor…

  1. I’m in awe of your gumption on considering making your own cabinets! We redid our kitchen last year and though we did a lot of the work ourselves, we purchased cabinets and had them installed.


  2. Thank you. I am thinking it is going to be a last resort but last night the more I thought about it the more I really want to do it.


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