I fear some trouble

Okay so far I have had no fear in this project.  I first had the job of taking off the tile border around the counter.  That is a simple enough job with my 5 in 1 tool and my hammer.  I should be able to get all the tile and the border up with no problems.


I got the tile trim off the wall and on wall A it came off in whole pieces.  On wall D I noticed it was breaking and I was not sure why. So far I could not tel anything although I was beginning to suspect…

Net was the shelves…Looking at the wall I see rotted wood and water damage.  I am praying it came from when my roof was leaking and it is not:

  1. something new or
  2. termite damage

I am not sure if you can see what I am seeing or not…



I am a little nervous to proceed.  The last time this happened was in my last house when I was changing the shoe molding and found the same thing and when I opened the wall there was a huge infestation of termites and lots of damage.  That cost a lot of money to fix.  If I find termites in here tonight that is the end of my kitchen project cause that is going to eat up the rest of my piddly budget and I am gonna cry…time for a quick prayer…



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