kitchen / renovations


Okay so I opened the wall and there was a pipe where I was seeing the damaged wall.  That water damage had to be left over from the roof leak and the water was running down the pipe OR the pipe was sweating.  In any case I am safe from the termite scare and I will take that any day…


Man this wall looks nasty and ugly.  In any case I really can’t take the rest of the wall down until I can get the window out and I can’t take the window out until I get the wood to close up the hole.  I might as well go to bed now.  There is nothing more I can do tonight and electrician is coming at 7 soooooo.  I don’t want to be in a grouchy mood when he gets here.  LOL he might over charge me if I am…  All I need is like 4  plugs put in and an estimate of the rest of the work I will get at a later time.

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