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Weekend Warrior on the case!!

Electrician coming at 7 in the morning (or so he says) and I told him that I was going to have the wall torn out before he got here.  Well I haven’t even started on it.  I got the hole by the sink finished finally.


That styrofoam you see on the top section is for insulation.  I will insulate the whole thing since this is an outside wall.  I wanted to finish that one because I am going to go ahead and put in the shelves in the morning…or so the plan is.  I have to be finished by 3.  I am tired now so I am not sure if I am going to have the whole other wall out tonight or not but I am going to try!  This toe business really messed my schedule  up!!

Also I need to remember to take my nail gun up to Lowes or HD to see how come it is jamming.  I can’t stand to not be able to use a tool.

Ok…. break over….gotta get back to it.

Oh and I brought one of my cameras in the house and it is recording me so if you are one of my friends with the PW to my cameras please check on me and if anything was to happen to me please don’t post on youtube. LOL

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