Bright Idea

I am going to get me one of those portable storage units and put all my kitchen stuff in it and get it all out of my living room and all over the house.  I was going to try and salvage some of the kitchen cabinets but I see that as a problem because of the difficulty of getting this wood paneling out. I decided to totally gut the kitchen. Thus the justification of buying a new reciprocating saw.  Any excuse works right?  LOL.  I wish this was as easy as knocking out plaster walls instead of 1″ thick wood walls though.

I also need to get me a trailer hitch so I can use my little trailer basket on my car.  I used it on my Honda and I was thinking I had messed up the transmission a little, not sure but it was acting differently.   I surely don’t want to mess up my new car!!  I have to do something to get this garbage and all this wood out of my yard though. Its looking bad.  Well the yard is looking good but the garbage in it is looking bad.   Everything cost money.

Note to self…don’t tackle a renovation again until I get a man to help me out.  LOL.

6 thoughts on “Bright Idea

  1. I wonder what those dumpster bags cost. I think they said it will hold three tons or maybe it was 3000 pounds. But your kitchen is small. Not affiliated in any way just an idea for you to clear out the demo stuff fast.

    Great idea on the pod rental or what ever company you use. Getting it out of the way is always good. You need a calm place to unwind at the end of the day.



    • I checked into that just last night and they cost $29 to buy the bag. The pick up is $79 and it has to be within 16 ft of the curb. That poses a problem for me. I can get it in the range BUT I know for a fact people around here will be dumping in my bag. ( I live in the county where there is no garbage pick up) I am going to just take several trips to the dumpster when I am about done with my demo….

      Yes a calm place would be very nice!!


      • Can you find a really rank skunk to put in it? People have no respect. I thought country folk were better. But the price is right. You might be better off hiring some one with a pick up for a load or two then to ruin your new car.

        We have to pay extra for garbage service here. We already pay a yearly dump fee so we also just take our garbage when we go to town. Even though we do live in the city. Of sorts. 171 people or was. We lost two in the last couple of months.:^(

        None of that bag service here either. But we also have trucks and trailers for big haul outs.


  2. LOL at the skunk. Yes we have to pay extra for garbage pick up here as well even though I also pay a dump fee. I stopped the private garbage because I would always forget to put my garbage out. plus it was a long walk to get to the curb…


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