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Tuesday…still demo’ing

As usual progress was made although it was a bit slow.  I thought I was going to take that loose window out and board it up but the person who volunteered to help never came so I went ahead and continued with the wall demo.  Looking at the photos I did not accomplish much at all, although it felt like I did a LOT.  My nail bucket is filling up.  I added a zillion nails to the nail bucket so I must have been doing something.

ImageDuring my demo I found this on my shelf.  It is something I got from my neighbor because I love the color combo.  In looking at it again today I decided this is going to be my colors for the kitchen.  I am going to paint the walls the lime green color, counter tops still black, cabinets still white, crown molding white,  and accent pieces in red and yellow.  I think that will be real pretty.



I finally started uncovering logs.  On the side of the doorway they looked to be in good shape but above the door the chinking was coming out left and right.

Also I found the first evidence of an infestation!  Thank God it was old because I would be going crazy bombing this joint.  Okay so snakes and bugs were living in the walls.  Ewwwwwwl!!!

I wonder what this was.  It looks like a nest of some sort of larvae.  YUCK!  It was a lot so the house must have had some kind of bug infestation.  I hardly ever see and bugs in here.


When I pulled it out from that crevice all these eggs came out… there was more than this in that little spot but some  of them got cut off in the photo… you get the idea.


Tomorrow my mobile storage unit will be delivered.  I want to put my fridge and stove  in there but I am afraid that I will scratch them up taking them out the door.  No no no… I can’t have that.  the point is to improve the space not mess everything in it up. I will move out all the stuff from the kitchen that is presently stored all over the house  in there and maybe toss in the cabinets that I manage to salvage.  I will need help again because I can’t do it on my own  but I swear I hate pestering people.  I did text another  guy who I THOUGHT was a  friend to help me with the window (once I realized the first was not showing up) and I said I need some help.  He text me back saying “me to, what do you need” , I text back and said I need help taking out a window, what do you need.  His response was “:-)”  whaaaaaat?  Are you freaking kidding me?   I understood that smiley face perfectly well.  Thanks but no thanks…  I hope when he reads this he realizes how wrong and disappointing that was.

The electrician that stood me up on Saturday decided he will come over tomorrow to give me my estimate.  LOL that’s a trip.


One thought on “Tuesday…still demo’ing

  1. I am soooo ready to start painting LOL. I can’t wait to get that green on my walls. But of course I have to have some walls up before I can paint. #impatience….


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