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I been called a train wreck…

My boss nick-named me “train wreck” and sometimes I do feel like a train wreck or I been in a train wreck. This renovation is a train wreck, my hair is a train wreck, my scarred up legs look like they been in a train wreck, and my bank account is a train wreck. LOL yeah, I accept that name for now.

I got up early this morning and the goal of the day was Continue reading

Damsel in Distress Call Answered!
country dreams / demo / kitchen / renovations

Damsel in Distress Call Answered!

I am a pretty independent and handy chick but at the end of the day I am still a woman and I have my limitations. I am comfortable with that. occasionally I have to send out the distress signal and get rescued. Yesterday was such a day. Something so simple as not being able to shut off the shut off valve for the faucets was holding me up. Continue reading