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Good morning.  As promised I am awake and in a darn good mood.  I finished my morning prayers and meditations and now ready to get to work so I can get home!!

This project has turned into a domino effect type of deal.  I took most of the frame off on the doorway between my little 4′ hallway (where the basement door is) between the kitchen and the laundry/ mud room.  Then I thought to myself I might as well go ahead and do the laundry room as well.  LOL

I know my house looks terrible but I promise you when I am not in renovation hell it does not look like this.  Everything is everywhere right now. With that said….back to the story.

I decided to also go ahead and do the laundry room for a couple of reasons:

1-I want to close off the doorway to the spare bedroom so on the other side of the door way I can make a big closet.  I been here for 4 years and in that time I don’t think I ever used that door.

2- I saw a photo that inspired me on Pin Interest.  I like the idea of having the washer enclosed in a cabinet. I also like the cubby holes with the counter.

3- This would finish the front of the house as I have already done the bathroom.  The bathroom is the only room finished in all this time!  Right now… through renovation hell…the laundry room/mudroom looks like this

Admittedly that bookshelf was built to hold towels, toilet tissue, light bulbs etc  and it hardly ever looks neat.  I thought about adding some doors on it.  Bottom line is that I never finished it.  It is supposed to have some trim on the top.  Since I have lived with it a couple of years I now know how I want to make it better so once I take it down I can put it back up the way I know it needs to be done.

NOW… working on this room leaves yet another  decision to make.  I want to replace the back door.  So do I go ahead and dip in the kitchen budget to replace the door?  The windows are fine for now although I would love to replace them also and they are so small they probably would not cost much at all to replace.  But the door and the two windows could easily eat about $500 of my kitchen budget.  I fear running out of money to finish and if I run out of money it will drag this renovation hell from about 3 months to… whew it could be well over a year! Oh God and now that I think about it the bathroom is not finished cause the door does not close good and I need to find a way to fix it or replace it.  It would be nice to be able to go in the bathroom and actually be able to close the door.  A luxury I have not experienced in here.  I guess that means the bathroom is not really finished cause I also want to put a block window in there. The mind can play tricks on you when you have so much to do.  Yeah I been tricked into thinking I actually finished something in here….silly me.

Working on this room would also give me the opportunity to go ahead and put the security camera wire in the wall instead of slung over the wall  LOL.  It would also mean I need to go ahead and get more wall outlets in here…more expenses.  SMH…this old house!!

I hate this door and  I was going to replace it when I got the front door replaced but I fired that guy and never found anyone else to do it, mainly out of laziness.  I fired the other guy because I left him here to do the front door and found out he went through my basement (I know this because he used wood I had stored in the basement and when I noticed it he admitted it) and my barn (because he let my goats out)  and he stole a few things (like my drop cloth that he eventually gave back when he realized I was going to sic someone on him and  he was going to get pulverized if he tried to keep it).    That really pissed me off so I fired him and put a halt to the back door being replaced.  I really want one of those doors with the blinds built-in the glass so I don’t have to use curtains on it.  Decisions, money, time and effort.

Looking at these photos I am wondering,…am I going to be able to do this?  I know I can but this is getting to be a  lot for one person to do.  On the other hand I need some organization in here.  Screw it.  I HAVE to do it.  This is how I get myself into these situations.  This is a prime example of doing what you have to do no matter the consequences.

Okay…I have to get ready for work.  It’s the weekend and I have a lot to look forward to!!!  Volunteers?

3 thoughts on “GOOOOOOOD MORNING!!

  1. You can do it! Sometimes you’ll need an extra pair of hands though. I hope you have a good friend who can help you out with the big stuff.

    I would soooo not like to find that snake skin in my wall. It was bad enough that we found some mouse skeletons.


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