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Progress is slow today…

Today I was  hyped up all day long and ready to get home and get busy on my kitchen.  I managed to tear out another door frame with a thousand nails in it.  Then I decided to take a break…wrong move.  My break included turing on the DVR and catching up on the reunion show of Housewives of Atlanta.  Let me tell you… those women make me sick with all the pettiness, childish bickering, name calling etc but for some reason I can not tear myself away from it.  The whole time I am watching I am repulsed by their behavior and basically shaking my head in disgust.  This year the finale was in 3 shows and yes I watched all three.  Don’t judge me.  LOL.

After the shows went off I went back to work.  That’s when I got a call that just took the ambition out of me.  I won’t go into details but  I will say I usually am  doing for others and it never fails when I try to do something for myself  someone always has to throw a selfish wet rag riddled in some kind of guilt in my face.  I can’t save the world, I can’t support the world and I have enough on my mind without worrying or staying on the defensive to protect my feelings.  I been so busy these last couple of years that I haven’t spent much time at home except to take a shower and  go to bed.  Time to myself and doing anything for myself was practically out of the question until about 2 weeks ago and that’s why working on the kitchen and laundry room is so important to me.

I put everything up and laid down because it took all the enthusiasm  out of me for the night.  I have been told I am too sensitive.  Maybe I am, but to be honest it confuses me when people treat me any kind of way.  I don’t understand it and that’s why I stay to myself most of the time.  Whatever…I am going to say my prayers and let God handle it for me..

So in summary, no exciting news to report, no more logs uncovered, no new bugs found, and no surprises.  Maybe this weekend I will have  something exciting to report and photos to share!  FINGERS CROSSED!! (please God understand when I say exciting I by no means want it to include any kind of wild animals, bugs on steroids or people drama…)  When I wake up tomorrow i will be my happy bubbly self again…

2 thoughts on “Progress is slow today…

  1. Aw I am sorry you got the wind kicked out of you. I know those days I had one last week. Kept me awake until after 4AM. Really sucks. Hoping tomorrow is better for you. Take care. And get back to work girl. I am missing your progress.

    I know about those log bugs. We bult a log house 25 years ago.
    We had a pine beetle in the log crunching away and leaving sawdust at night on my table. I emptied a can of raid on him and also stabbed around with an ice pick. Took what seamed like a year for him to quit. AAARRRGGGHHHH

    Take care tomorrow is another day.



  2. Wow that’s pretty cool! (log house)
    Thanks for the encouragement. I don’t hold on to those downs. It last for a a few hours then I release it. So I am over it and I just will ignore a certain person’s calls for a couple of days LOL. I did find more died up larvae eggs last night. I wonder if they were pine beetles. hmmmm./
    Have a good day and thanks again.


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