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Weekend Warrior on the Job 6/2/2012

9:00 AM

As usual I got up at 6:30 this morning to get prayed up even though  I worked until late last night.  The plan for today is to remove the window in the kitchen, pull down the cabinets, get the tile off the counter,  and get the rest of the paneling off the walls.  Below is what I am starting with today.  I will update this post as the day goes on without starting a new post….unless something exciting happens.  LOL:

I would like to point out that I left two necessary pieces of kitchen equipment unpacked:  The teapot for instant coffee and the George Foreman grill for eating.  LOL

This is the door in the laundry room that I plan on taking out.  I am thinking I am only going to remove the paneling on that wall but you know how I get when I am in demo mood….everything must go LOL:

12:45 PM

First mishap of this project.  I was removing some nails out of a board and accidentally nailed the nail in my pinky finger ouuuuuuch!    It would not stop bleeding for a minute.  I had to look up  the time period for getting a tetnus booster shot because this nail is pretty rusty.  When I was getting out of the Navy they gave me a tetnus shot as a going away present.  LOL.  That was in 2006.  Booster shots are required every 10 years so I am good.  If I feel my jaws locking up I will be going to the hospital.  SO to everyone who stood me up today…feel guilty.  If I had help this probably would not have happened!  I’m just saying…

6:14 PROGRESS!!!

Well first of all the second electrician came today and he took notes.  I am waiting on his estimate.  He did give me good news which is it is not going to be as much work as I was dreading.

OKAY so the cabinets are now out.  That was a job and I could not have done it without help!!  Thank you helper LOL. This side of the wall was particularly messy because the chinking was falling out.  It is in really bad shape.  I am glad for that though because if it were in perfect condition I probably would have put up a clear wall on that side to see the logs at all times.  LOL.  The idea is novel BUT I can’t do that because if I was in the kitchen cooking and I happen to see a snake slithering through the logs I would absolutely freak out!!

Next thing is the window is also gone.  Now I have two weeks to decide whether or not I am going to put in another window.  I think it is fine as it is and I do not think I am going to miss it.  With the big window on the adjacent wall I can not see there being a problem.

I thought it would be a good idea to switche the fridge and the stove around so I can see if I can live with the fridge being against the doorway. I would have moved the stove to its place as well but the gas line won’t reach.  I put the stove in the corner.

I was wondering if I could go for this galley type arrangement but no because I still would not have enough cabinet space….although considering how much expired food I threw away yesterday I might not need too many cabinets.  LOL



4 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior on the Job 6/2/2012

  1. Sorry this happened to you. Quick healing happens when you soak it in table spoon salt to quart warm water a couple times a day. Does not sting. I promise. It is considered Normal saline. But the salt is cleansing and healing. No peroxide. Kills good tissue. Be safe.


    • too late on the peroxide but I will clean with the salt water the next time it has to be washed. Thank you!


    • That is so awesome! I am going to have to add that to my pins as well. I like the idea of putting stuff on the fridge wall with hooks. another stolen idea. I looked at the before photo on that kitchen and wow people can say what they want about the green…it was a dramatic difference


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