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Its Tuesday and rest time is over with!!

6:46 PM

I am so sore from head to toe, and ohhh so tired.  My morning started out terribly today.  Well let me back up and tell you why.  Yesterday I got back to my job after working in the field.  I had a package waiting for me from HR.  My smart alec ex sent a package to me on my job with some cards in it and a plate to put on my car.  I did not know what to be more pissed about… that he sent it, that he sent it to my job, that someone opened it, or that someone sent it to HR before it came to me.  I was upset about it for a minute and then dropped it and went home.  Last night of course that bothered me and I kept thinking about it.  I mean it has been quite a while since we broke up and he still won’t give up?  Same old story…abuse the relationship then later realize they messed up big time and want it back.  I told him once I am done I am done but he kept on doing what he was doing, making it worse whenever he want to until I was so fed up.  After a couple of chances I had to finally tell ole dude enough is enough. I know I can do better than that.  He came in my life when I had a lot going on and my vision was a bit clouded but my eyesight finally cleared up and I got out of dodge!  Looking back…when I think of him I feel…well lets just say he doesn’t have a chance in hell in me ever even being a friend… that’s how bad of a taste he left me with.  And I don’t say that about too many people.

I was tired yesterday, to the bone and the HR thing got to me.  When I got home I could not fall asleep so I took a sleeping pill.   I sent him a message asking him nicely not to send anything else to my job by email, mail or phone.  He needs to just go on with his life cause this is over.  This morning he wrote back saying something to the effect of he thought that the cards and the plate would make me happy, he only sent it to my job to surprise me and the least I could do is say thank you since he knew I wanted that plate.   OMG seriously??  I did not even respond and that stuff is in the trash!! After that  I could not even get my prayers out this morning and I was all discombobulated.  On my way to work there was an accident and the street is closed off and we have to be detoured.  Great…now I am late.  Then I get to work and no parking spaces in free street parking so I go to the parking lot and my badge won’t work.  UGGGGGGH!!! I try to call the help desk by pressing the help button and it says I have to dial the area code (in other words they never reprogrammed the button when the dialing rules changed).  So now I have to back out starting at this deep curve.  I try to back out but the curve is too deep and I realize I have to do a 3 point turn on the grass.  I did not notice there was a ledge and yeah I wound up getting stuck on a ledge.


Now what you can not see from this photo is that this is right in front of a construction site.  I call some of the guys from my job cause I don’t know what the heck to do.  They come down and between them and the construction workers they come up with a plan.  I had some bags of soil and a piece of wood in the trunk,  They were going to put the bags and top it with the wood under the tire and then I was to slowly reverse the car.  Because my car is front wheel drive the theory is that the tire would catch on the wood and bam, I can roll on out.  The guys all conferred and agreed this was a good plan.


Everything was in place and I got in the car and put in in reverse.  All I wound up doing is spinning that piece of wood off the tire and my tire was spinning against the brick and wore it.  I smelled burning rubber and that did not feel good at all.  I probably have to replace the tire.

The guys huddle up again.  They keep looking at the crane on site but they know darn well they can’t use that crane because of liability issues but I know they were oh so tempted.  They kept mentioning it and then they decided they would lift the car themselves.  So a group of 5 manly men lifted my car and got it off the wall.  KD taped the whole thing threatening to put it on YouTube.  I watched it and you could not see my plate or my face clearly so I really do not care.  KD drove my car in the garage and parked it for me. I got to work an hour and a half late, nerves a total wreck.  😦  That was not good especially after my little package/HR issue yesterday.

7 something…When I got home I was waiting for Lowes to come get this microwave I am returning.  No show.  WHAT IS IT WITH PEOPLE STANDING ME UP LATELY???  I HATE THAT!!!

My buddies on Garden web been giving me ideas and now I think I am going to brick the rest of that wall up and paint it some color, haven’t decided on a color yet.  And I decided I was going to see if I can get this stain off the logs.  I think I am going to get the stain off, re-chink them and leave them exposed!!!  I am LOVING that idea.

Oh and as for what I am going to do with the  windows I took out… I think I am going to use them as cabinet doors!!  I found this webpage that had some neat ideas and that is where I got the window/door inspiration.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.  I won’t work on the house till Thursday though.  PRAY FOR ME!

8:22 Lowes just got here to pick up the microwave.  I guess better late than never.

7 thoughts on “Its Tuesday and rest time is over with!!

  1. OH windows for doors is a good idea. I did it on a little gun cabinet. The door on it was mirror ad I wanted cabinet for china at the time. Now figurines. My Dear Deer collection.

    DH wants food. Sorry about your X Been there done that too and it really sucks.

    Shades AKA Chris


  2. that is exactly what I am talking about although my window is not so long like yours. Hopefully I can make something nice out of it.


  3. Of course you can. Find cabinet boxes to fit them WAIT wasn’t it you that said a friend would build you cabinets? Have him build them to fit the windows . The only problem is you will have the weirs sash weights and the windows will be very heavy for cabinet doors.

    The window I used is not very thick like regular windows. I just picked up two more at the dump. WOO HOO Long narrow. The frames are trashed. Need to buy a big box of fixall. LOL Paint will hide my sins.

    Brain on tired overdrive from shopping right now. Can you use them as doors to the in the wall storage spaces you were considering? They will need heavier hinges. Where there is a will there is a way. How charming to add the old to the new.

    Planning on doing that here with the glass bits I picked up from the old house that was here years before we put our house here. Want to put them on the front step sides.



  4. I have not taken the windows apart yet but I was only planning on using the sashes and yes I was planning on using them as doors to my between the studs shelves. If there are sash holes I can always fill them. I am using the sashes only not the whole window


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