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Okay all day and night I have been thinking about my kitchen and what I am going to do and where I am going to start.  I looked up chinking and it does not look all that difficult.  I don’t think I can live with that dark wood though.

I finally came up with a game plan.

  1. Sand down the logs and try to get some of that dark stain off
  2. Re-stain a honey type color
  3. re-chink the logs
  4. brick the wall where the window was
  5. paint that wall a soft yellow.  So soft it almost does not look yellow.
  6. build a range hood

Inspiration shots for the range hood.  I have to go in the barn and see if I still have that rosewood room divider because I can finally get some use out of it by cutting it up and using it for the trim for my range hood.  I don’t want it rounded like this though, mainly cause I can’t make it round.  A flat square one like the 2nd photo is just fine

I do like the corbels in the first photo though.  Not sure if that is too much or not.  I think I have some lying around here that I never used.

6/11/2012 update:

I looked in my barn and found the rosewood divider to make the trim on the range hood. It is perfect because it already has the trim on the edges.  I am going to use the first row and if I need to make it longer will use row 3

I also been shopping around for a range insert.  Good googly-moogily they are expensive!!  I found one on e-bay but I don’t know a lot about them.  If anyone has any input on this please feel free to jump in. I did think about this and realize there is a problem…the distance between my stove and the ceiling is only 48″ so that means my range hood can only be 18″ deep. I don’t know if that is going to work with the design.  The rosewood trim would be about 9″ and how would that look?

Also when looking for a range insert I have no idea what I am  looking for in specs! I don’t want to spend more than $350 on it but the choices are soooooo confusing!! I want something fairly quiet with decent light and of course clean the air pretty decently.  Also my stove is 30″ wide how wide do I want the range hood to be??  Like I said feel free to jump in here with ideas.

I have finals next week so its going to go slow until they are over…that gives me time to think about this!!

10:00 PM:

After researching these inserts  further I can honestly say I am slightly confused.  I only found three inserts under $500.  That is crazy because I can buy a whole freaking vent hood cheaper and technically this is an unfinished vent hood.  No, they know the only people looking for an insert is also buying a custom range so they smell dollars and inflated the prices.  Rediculous!!  They forgot about the DIY’er and bargain hunter.

The insert from Ebay specs:

  •  K1035 30″ Insert / Under Cabinet Range Hood 
  • $299 and I can’t find a liner
  • 30×13 and it is going to be 10″ high (from the bottom to the vent hole) If I use this I would have to make my clearance less than 30″ as the duct is 6″
  • Maximum airflow is 860 CFM
  • Noise level is 46 dBA on low and 64dBA on high
  • 2 -20w halogen lights
  • 3 speeds and 2 filters

I found another that I was interested in until I looked really closely at the specs from

  • Fujioh BUF-01A Extra Quiet Ventilator Power Pack
  • $242.40 plus $72.39 for the liner ($314.79)
  • 20×14 and 8″ high
  • maximum airflow is 270 CFM
  • Noise level at max level is 47 dBA
  • 1-50w  halogen light
  • 3 speeds and 1 filter

The conflict here is the Fujioh is the better size for my kitchen but it is a third as powerful.  The rest are out of my price range except the Broan but it had terrible ratings.  I guess if push comes to shove I am going to have to have the vent diverted through the roof some way.  I really do not like that idea.  The other option is to divert the vent to the chimney in the corner, which I see as a pain also because it is going to rob me of some cabinet space.  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…yes that is a sigh.

Thinking about the problems with my kitchen, one of them is that as soon as I boil water the smoke detectors go off so I am thinking that the higher airflow is a wise choice.  I have to go with the K-1035.

What really stresses me out is the fact that I could just as well buy a complete range hood that would look NICE against the brick wall.  I love this one and the price at $244.80 is perfect!  Specs are:

  • 30×19 and 22-37″ high
  • maximum airflow is 760 CFM
  • noise level is <65 dBA
  • 2-2w LED lights
  • 3 speeds and 2 filters

Of course the problem here is the stack is too tall for my kitchen…..that really makes me upset!!  I could buy this plug it in and call it a day…whatever…I  made the price a link…maybe someone else can take advantage of it.  <pissed…arms crossed and lips poked out>

Midnight…last update:

Okay I am over being upset because I found my range hood! 

Now you are probably saying that is so plain!  Well yeah it is but let me sell you on it like I am sold on it.

  • Brand name Sorelli (that’s good)
  • $219 plus 29.99 postage ($248.99)
  • 30×20 and only 10″ high
  • maximum airflow is 550 CFM
  • noise level is <64dBA
  • 2-25w lights
  • 3 speeds and 2 filters

Okay so here are my thoughts…its not too high, the lines are square so a cabinet can easily be built around it but if I screw up the cabinet I can always use it as is (although its kind of ugly so that probably won’t happen).  Stainless steel is no where in my kitchen except the sink but I like a ss rangehood for cleaning purposes.  If its in the cabinet you won’t see that much of it anyway.  I am pretty sure this is the one.  Just to be cheap I made the seller an offer for $189 just because I am against paying for postage.  All they can say is no so we will see.  I am pretty sure whatever they offer me I am going to take,  I am tired of range hood shopping!  OMG this fried my brain!!

Now on to find the lighting LOL

2 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. I know what you mean about the range hood insert choices. I love that first one you posted, but the corbels might be hard to clean. Stripping logs on the wall sounds like a lot of work. It’s really hard to strip things that aren’t smooth. I don’t want to discourage you, but there are a lot of times here lately that I wish I had never started stripping my cabinets, and they aren’t really that difficult.


    • That’s exactly why I haven’t started LOL. I still plan to do a similar hood like photo one with the last hood I posted. That is if the rosewood divider is still in my barn. I might have thrown it in the burn pile and if that’s the case it will ruin the whole plan. i am on the fence on the mood for the kitchen. I went in there tonight to mark off the electrical outlet spots and it is going to be so tight that I am afraid I am not going to get the ambiance I am envisioning.
      I am going to think on this again


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