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I think I have ADD.  I had a plan but I can’t stick to it:  Demo the kitchen first then work on putting it back together but my mind is in so many places.  I can’t get started on anything because the demo work isn’t finished and it’s not finished because I am no longer interested in the demo because now I  want to:

  • start making my pendant lamps out of these vases I brought from a yard sale and I can’t wait to get started on them
  • I want to fix the logs…that involves cleaning, sanding, rechinking, restaining
  • I want to finish the demo work (removing the tile off the counter top) and save all the tiles for some unknown yard project
  • I want to seal the window the right way and finish off the framing for the new wall
  • I want to work on making the cabinets
  • I want to get someone in here to do the brickwork
  • I want to paint said brick
  • I want to start on my between the stud shelves
  • I want to take the window I took out of the kitchen apart and work on fixing it so I can figure out if I am going to use them for doors on something in the kitchen…
  • and the list goes on and on and on and on.

Then there is the matter of ordering the supplies for the kitchen.  I guess that is coming out okay.

  • I ordered my window, it should be installed next Friday
  • I ordered my vent hood from ebay…after I finally made up my mind which one to get.  It should also be here by Friday
  • I have the supplies for my pendant lights meaning I have the vases and a dream.  LOL I need to buy the guts of the lamps.  I’ll get that from Lowes tonight.
  • I picked out but did not order the counter top for the kitchen yet.

I don’t know…now that I wrote the list I guess progress is slow but steady.  I never said I was a patient woman.  It would be so nice to have someone come in here and do it all while I stayed in a hotel pampering myself in their spa with massages, facials, steam treatments, manicures and pedicures and the only input into the project I need to worry about is picking out colors and minor details like that then after a week or two come home to the finished house.    LOL yeah right.

The reality is that I am going to wind up taking a couple of days off work after this semester is over and do nothing but renovation work!!  And why am I putting off asking Monkey if I can come over and get the bricks for my wall knowing she is going on vacation and won’t be back for a couple of weeks and if I try to go over there once she’s gone someone will no doubt call the fuzz on me?  She told me I can have as many of the bricks that I want and she has pallets of them in her yard and if I am not mistaken, they match my bricks But that is not important since I will be painting them anyway….Hell, I haven’t even put the darn table saw together yet.  Worse yet…its still in my trunk in the box.

Okay let me get myself together.  Going to church tonight so I think I am going to go ahead and get dressed, then go to Lowes and fiddle around in there till its time to go.  i think I can concentrate on that plan long enough to implement it.  LOL!

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