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Shopping adventures

Yesterday I went shopping for the chinking supplies.  I needed Portland cement, Sand and Lime.  When I looked around Home Depot the bag of Portland cement was 96 lbs.  SAY WHAT???  Now I know there is no way on this side of God’s green earth that I would be able to tote 96 lbs. of dead weight.  I am just not that strong.  I found a bag of masonry cement (Type S) that was a mixture of 1 part cement and 3 parts sand.  That’s just what I needed and it comes in a 60 lbs. bag.  I then found the lime and it comes in a 40 lbs. bag.

I was still in my church clothes when I went into Home Depot so I asked the guy to load the two bags in my cart to which he chuckled a little bit.  I guess he liked the fact that I had to admit I need a man for something….did I mention he is always hitting on me?  After I paid I asked them if they can load the stuff in my car.  One of the cashiers volunteered this guy and he did not look too happy about it.  In fact he was probably no stronger than I am.  I wanted to tell him he better man up but then he might have “accidentally” busted the bag in my car so I kept my smart comments to myself. My tongue was bleeding from biting it though LOL.

I have an Impala and one thing I love about this car is that it has a flip UP seat.  Under the seat there is a storage compartment.  My ex said it was a secret compartment to “hide” things.  Hmmmmmm what would you want to hide in your car?  I didn’t even want to ask but note to self he probably checked it anytime he was in my car alone.  LOL I wouldn’t use it for hiding anything if I had anything to hide, which I don’t.

ANYWAY back to the story (I get sidetracked so easily).  I got some plastic and put it on the bottom,  pull out the back of the seat and tuck some plastic in it then push it back in place to cover my leather  and I am in business.  You can haul so much in this bad boy.  I should show you the trunk.  OMG I have to climb in it to get some stuff out if it.  I am not kidding about that!

Side commentary: one time I was buying mulch and I needed to tote it in my car.  Check this out… I was able to bring home 15 bags of mulch plus about 20 plants…at one time!!!  I love this car!!

Okay so anyway I get home and now the problem is how am I going to get this stuff in the house?  I can’t play the “can you help me cause I am in my dress up clothes” card now.  I go out to the barn and get my dolly.  I am not sure what I was thinking but I laid the dolly down and then I put the mixing bucket on it and then I put both bags in the bucket.  Well  I tried to roll the dolly to the steps and I could not even stand the thing up because it was so heavy.  Then I had to take out one bag which happened to be the 60 lbs. bag.  I struggled with the other in the cart but I got it up the steps and in the house.  Now for the heavy bag.  OMG that thing was heavy!!   I got it in the bucket and when I went to turn the cart the wheels look like they were about to pop.  I guess 60 lbs. is too much for the tires.  I get to the steps and there is no way I can bump this thing up the steps.  So I lay it back down, then go to the end and lift it up each step.  Funny thing is all I could think about is after this workout my stomach better look flat tomorrow.  LOL!!! Anyway I got the frick-fracking type S bag in the house.  (I got it in here so I can talk junk now LOL)

And in the laundry room it sits because I am not sure of the correct mixture so I had to go online and put the question out there.  I am waiting for the answer.

In the meantime I go to Goodwill this evening when I got off work to find stuff for my cabinet and hopefully some lights.  I got me some deals I think…but no lights…

Aren’t these cute?  They are measuring spoons….going to be displayed in my new cabinet if I ever make it. 99 cents


4 Glasses (58 cents each) and 4 cups (48 cents each).  I brought these because all I have are plastic and I thought I would splurge LOL


Wall planter… looks like a cup but has a flat side.  Have two mounting holes to mount on the wall.  $1.99  I loooooooove this

Teapot.  Now I know, I know, this thing is old and rusty but I don’t plan on using it.  I just  loooove the way it looks.  As much as I hate to admit it but I think country decorating is in my blood because I like it, I am just not sure how to put it together. $1.99

And last but not least a nutcracker.  It is really dirty and I will clean it up before I put it in the cabinet.  $2.49

I saw some of those black speckled pots also.  I thought to myself they might look nice hanging on my pot rack that I brought 3 years ago and never used mainly because I did not know where to put it.  Not sure about that as  I don’t want my kitchen to look like a junky time capsule either.  I am going to wait on that.  They sell those things all day everyday so no need to impulse buy…


I thought about the logs being so rustic and all and remembering I could not even live with the knotty pine so I decided I was going to paint them once I finish repairing the wall.  Look at how the logs look painted.


Yup, this is turning into a country project all right.  But right now there is a whole lotta planning going on and no work being done.  LOL

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