Let the Labour of Love begin…

I can’t write a long post tonight, or as one of my co-workers called it,”a book” LOL. I did have a couple of minor things to say quickly so I will post that tonight but the good stuff gets posted later.  I have a few things to catch you up on so stand by.

I just got home ( almost midnight) and I am tired.   I am off for 4 days though.  Yeah baby.  Work gonna get done round this joint this weekend. I will be taking photos as long as my phone is working…but I might not be posting until the evenings cause I am hoping I will be sooooo busy.  What I might do is post the photos to am empty post and add the story later.  Hmmmmmm thats an idea.

Okay so what I wanted to say tonight.  I went to Big Lots and man they had some good stuff.   I did not buy anything because I am scraping to make sure I get this project done…but talking the photos home gave me some satisfaction.  LOL

Okay here are some finds I liked…(I am also going to pinterest these)

This is a galvanized bucket painted in an eggshell  black with some tiles glued on.  This was a small tub for $25.  Now we already established that in some areas I am super cheap.  Phones and electronics I can splurge on but something I can make…oh heck no.  Now where I will find the time to do this I have no idea BUT I have a few of these buckets, thanks to my neighbor, and this project is now officially on my list



These are cute.  They are little pocketbook lamps. The top and the bottom is open and it uses a small candelabra bulb.  I thought this would look cute on someones vanity table.  I forgot how much these were but I probably would never buy (nor make) these.  I think they were $15 each.


When this goes on sale I might get this.  This is a metal 3 dimensional tree.  Since I love family trees I was drawn to this piece of art even though it’s just a tree.  I has many many branches …like my family.  It was 60 dollars.  If it goes on sale half price I might consider it.  I need to remember to show this to my shopaholic buddy Sheila.  She will let me know when it goes on sale.



These are just adorable bottles.  Anyone who loves the beach can appreciate them.  They were $10 each. Okay they are cute but not $10 cute.  Its another good craft project candidate.  Would love to make some of these for my Supervisor as she loves the beach.Image

10×15 gazebo for $349.  Wow I really love this one and I could see it outside finishing off my patio.  I never used the last one I had and it was here a whole summer.  Wait, wait , wait…that’s a lie.  I did have friends of a friend over one time and they played cards under it.  I forgot to take it down and the first hard snow it collapsed and all the metal bent up.  I have the end pieces around the yard re-purposed as trellises.  Nothing climbing it yet though.  Bottom line is I never got my money’s worth out the last one so why would I buy another???  The answer is I won’t.  Tired of wasting my money….


7×7 hot plate trivets.  These are just to die for.  They are $5 a piece but I have not finalized my color scheme yet and you know how easily I change my mind.  I better wait.  Plus they may go on sale!!  Anyway I may find a pottery store and if I do I will make my own….but they will cost about the same price because this was a really good price.  The last time I saw something similar to these they were $25 each!!


okay that was the end of my window shopping.

Tomorrow I start working on the logs and my vent hood.  Getting up at 6AM!  Starting my day off in prayer, of course, so the covering stays with me.  I had a lengthy conversation with Tony from Bearfort Lodge.  I have no idea where that is located but I am imagining some place they love log cabins like Ohio or Utah.  LOL that was a presumption based on nothing!!  When in doubt make it up.  LOL just kidding.

Anyway I want to write all about my conversation with Tony because he gave me some really good info but its 12:46 and  in order to not cheat myself from documenting good information I have to put it off.  Anyway… why is it that this man reminds me A LOT of my dad when he was younger?

Niitey night all…I will catch you up tomorrow.

Note to self: I looooove blogging!

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