I Don’t Know if I Have the Patience for this

Yesterday I was speaking with Tony from  He was a wealth of info.  He told me how to clean the logs (using cascade), he also told me that my cement mixture I purchased was not going to work because:

1-      It is gray and I won’t be able to paint it white.

2-      It will be too hard of a mixture and will crack

3-      I need to get the right stuff and stop trying to cut corners.  LOL he didn’t really say that but I know he was thinking it.

4-      I need to take that expanding foam crap off my window and never, ever, ever use it again.

I discussed some of the things I tried on the logs to clean them and some of my concerns and he was so knowledgeable that he got me all pumped up and ready to do this thing.  I was in Wal-Mart around 11 last night buying Cascade and a scrub brush.  He said Cascade is a good wood cleaner and brightener so I will try it.  After I left Wal-Mart I had to bring my neighbor his vitamins and personal items to the nursing home or else I would have to take time out of my day today to do it so I just did it last night.  All I wanted to do is go to bed so I could get up early and feel refreshed.  You know that’s different for me because I am a night owl. 

I was in Lowes by 8AM this morning and I stayed in there a couple of hours looking around (I am sure you figured out by now that I like to window shop).  Today I made up my mind that I don’t really like Lowes.  Everything I looked for they didn’t have. No one answers the bell when you ring it.  (Oh yes I do ring that bell.  One time I was so mad no one answered the bell I went in the middle of the store and yelled on the top of my lungs is there anyone working in here that can help me?  No response… Then this guy customer started laughing and pointed out there was someone in one of the aisles and when I got to the aisle to get the guy he was hauling butt as fast as he could in the opposite direction.  I yelled out excuse me!!!  But he kept on going like he didn’t hear me and disappeared into Lowes lala land where the rest of the help must have been hanging out.  That was the day I brought the floor model fridge marked down because there was no crisper drawer and I was in a rush because I had to get back home but I wanted that fridge.  When I told the sales lady what happened she gave me a free drawer and delivered it for free so I decided not to call the toll free number and complain.  I probably knocked myself out of a discount but once she gave me the drawer I had a perfect new fridge for half the price so how could I complain? It’s also the day I dropped the can of deck stain on my big toe because the head cashier put this heavy behind gallon can  in a flimsy plastic bag, and of course soon as I went to put it in my car the bag busted,  the can fell out and hit my big toe and that was the most pain I ever felt in my entire life, the  stain was everywhere and it got on the inside of my car door, got on my leather seats and I was standing in a pool of stain like a pool of blood unable to move,  paralyzed by the pain.  You know how bad it feels when you stub your toe?  Well this was 10 times worse.  My toenail turned black while I was in the parking lot so I went to the hospital and they had to burn a hole in my nail to relieve the pressure.  My toenail right now looks like it is going to come off and it still hurts.  Anyway there I go again getting off topic. That’s was all a side convo in parenthesis.  LOL) 

So this morning, I wanted a duct to connect up to my exhaust for my vent hood.  They did not have a 4″ connector so they wanted me to buy an $8 reducer and then an adapter to get it back to 4”.  I asked them do they really expect me to pay 16 extra dollars for adapters just because they don’t sell 4” ducts.  She said I have no choice.  It was like 30 something dollars for a small 4″ duct.  No way I was going for that so I went to the shelf and found a flexible one in 4″ for $8.  I asked won’t this work, they said yes.  REALLY???  So if I didn’t know any better I would have spent $30???  Oh my…

 Then I looked for the Portland cement.  They only have it in gray but I need white.  You can imagine after being in there for a couple of hours I have a laundry list of complaints but I am in a good mood so I won’t go there.   I am about to give Lowes the boot though.  I need to be shopping in Home Depot or Harbor Freight Tools.  Home Depot is more for professionals like me, Harbor Freight Tools is for cheap professionals (also like me) while Lowes is more for bootleg handy people who don’t know jack (definitely not me).  If you’ve known me long enough you know I love Homedepot…that hasn’t changed. It’s just that Lowes is right around the corner.  And if you are asking yourself how I became a professional…well let me put it to you like this…as long as I pay myself for every job I do in my house I am  a professional and as long as I keep hiring myself over and over I am a professional in great demand..  LOL…. I crack myself up sometimes with my silliness…

Okay so when I go to the register to have everything rung up it rang up double the amount I thought it would.  I think I might have been in the store a little bit too long…I was a little bummed about the money.  Then I forgot I told Tim to come cut my grass today and when I got home he was finished and I had to pay him!  And then I noticed my gas tank is empty, and I still have not purchased my chinking supplies. OH GOD money flying out my hands as if it grows on trees or something.  Lord knows I don’t have it like that.  Tomorrow the window is coming and I have to pay for it.  I guess I will be eating dollar menu chicken sandwiches and water for a while…I have no choice since I placed myself on that road to no return. Hmmmmph.

it’s late so I will have to write more tomorrow and post pictures.  No photo tonight because even though I took photos my cell phone battery is almost dead.  We did get some things accomplished today but it’s just that I am too long winded and I went all around the bush to tell you what I accomplished and I wound up telling you everything but that and now I am too tired to type any more.  Sorry…come back tomorrow night.



3 thoughts on “I Don’t Know if I Have the Patience for this

  1. OMG, I am sitting here laughing my ass off, at work. I just found your blog today and I’m hooked!
    I seriously laughed outloud when I read the part about the can falling on your toe. Sorry for your pain, but the way you wrote it all out is hilarious.
    P.S. I hate mortar/lime/cement now… tried to patch my bricks and totally sucked at it.


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