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I am so pissed right now

I ordered my garden window from Kingsford Siding, Windows & Patio Rooms  They was supposed to have this window here 3 weeks ago.  I had an appointment for them to put the window in today.  They said if there is a problem they will let me know.  I took the freaking day off for this.  I was about to go out and take care of some things early this morning before they got here and something told me to call them first.

Well of course you know what I am going to say…they can’t put the window in.  They was supposed to be here at 9 and they are just telling me now (8:20) that they can’t put the window in.  Had I not called I would be sitting here like a dumb jerk waiting for a window that is not going to come while she is in the office filing her nails without a care in the world.  Whether my window is put in or not they still get paid every week.  WHAT IS IT WITH CONTRACTORS STANDING ME UP AND THINKING IT IS OKAY???

I can’t finish my darn kitchen until I get the window. I can’t put in the drywall.  They said they can’t do it because they are missing a brace which is going to be sent overnight.  I told them since they are getting the brace tomorrow they need to get over here and install it.  She said they can’t do it because they don’t work on Saturdays.  I yelled they need to work it out and get my windows installed tomorrow, then I hung up on her.  I wish I had a flip phone.  I just don’t get the same satisfaction hanging up on someone without slamming the flip shut.  Note to self…next phone look for a flip phone.

I feel like I have an ulcer brewing I am so freaking upset and I feel like cussing like the Sailor that I was instead of the Christian woman that I am.  I tagged this post so that if anyone looks them up on the Internet they get my post. That’s all for now…I need to pray.

7:54 PM.  I expected the manager to call me back and apologize and reschedule my install but not a peep.  Now they probably have 10 days to pay for the window so they will be pestering me to get over here to put in the window pretty soon.  I have a right mind to do the whole kitchen and save the window for very last and let them sweat it out a bit. I know I am spoiled and have a fit when I don’t get my way but this is different.  It’s a mutual respect thing.  I pay my money for a product and a service and they should provide what I am paying for as promised.   And what is the deal with these one sided contracts.  They get to treat me any old way and if I back out they get to get paid anyway.  Sooo unfair..  I started to make that sales guy put a no later than date in the contract so that if this happened I could have told them to keep their window and walk away from the deal.  I did not listen to my right mind.  I bet if that was in the contract it would be in here by now.

Anyway today was spent buying supplies.  MORE MONEY.  MORE TIME.  I think most time on a home job is running back and forth to the store trying to find all the supplies you need.  When I spoke to Tony at Bearfort Lodge he recommended I get white Portland cement, sand and lime.  I had brought cement/sand mix.  I went to every concrete company around here and none of them had any white Portland.  I finally found some.  It was far away and double the price  because it was white  AND instead of it being 94 lbs I only got 75 lbs.  hmm figured that would happen.  As for the sand…he only had 100 lbs bags of white sand so I did not get it.  I went everywhere looking for white sand and guess where I finally found it?  Toys R US.  LOL. Well one thing I got out the deal.  I know every place that sells cement, bricks, granite and rocks around here.  Some of them I pass all the time.  Today I visited them all.

I also went to the Habitat Restore.  I was a little dismayed because I had high hopes of finding some cabinets.  Oh I found cabinets alright.  They had everything I need but they were part of a set of 19 pieces, another was a part of 12-piece  set etc and they would not break up the sets.  I asked 4 people to go talk to the manager (who would not come out on the floor and speak with me personally).  He refused to help me out so I did not buy any cabinets today.  I was not the only one asking for them to break up the sets either.  I might try the other Restore tomorrow but the problem with that is how will I get the cabinet pieces home without a truck?  It’s too far away to go back and forth.  Just forget it  maybe I will make shelves or something or worse yet make me some handyman special cabinets.  LOL…

I found two  lamps to replace the wall scones in my bedroom (because one is broke) and I found a fixture with almost all the parts to make my pendant light once I take it apart and repurpose it.  I just need a longer threaded pipe and a nut.  LOL that sounded funny.

Here are some of my window shopping finds:

This was a beautiful piece with a brass sink.  It is a little too fancy for my place but if the price was right I would so have it and redecorate around it….It was $600!!  It’s a beautiful piece…really beautiful, but too much money for me to spend on a sink.  EVER.  LOL

This would be more in my budget range.  I actually found a cabinet I could do something like this in and be happy with  but the cabinet was open on the wrong side AND the cabinet was $60.  Maybe I am being cheap again, I don’t know, but I think the restore is awfully high…especially since everything is donated.  The only thing I could consistently get was cheap cabinets here and there but now you have to buy them in a set unless they are severely damaged or cheap crappy particle board. Why is that?  If I am being cheap please comment and let me know…cause I don’t think its just me who feels like this and if it is I need a reality check.

Note to self…don’t ever donate to the restore.

These chairs were $60 each.  I liked them but again…I am too cheap.  This is something else that if the price was right would have been in my house right now.

The set up where I was today was perfect.  across the street from the Restore was Home Depot then down the street was Wal-Mart.

I went in Home Depot looking for the sand but  I came out with the hardware for my lamps.  They did not have white or light colored sand.  I  did see this in Home Depot and wanted to share it with you because if you were ever to move, this could be your best moving buddy.   I noticed when furniture is delivered they always wrap the furniture with this plastic so I figured there must have been something to it.  I brought a roll and I wrapped all my furniture on my last two moves and I had so much left I even wrapped my boxes which made them secure and easier to carry.  After the move I took inventory and nothing was scratched or damaged.  One roll lasted me two moves.  If you ever move you must have this.  It is $22 a roll but oh so worth it.

Oh yeah PRICEWATCH: Walmart has their bulbs on clearance for half price. As with every year when they go on clearance I buy some. This time I brought Gladiolas because there were 12 to the bag.  It is very important if you buy them to plant within a couple of days.  One year I waited a few weeks and the bulbs were destroyed.  I think they were slimy with mold.  Another year they dried up to nothing.  I don’t keep them without planting anymore. My collection is getting big!

Okay I would love to keep talking to you but I have to get something done.  I been off two days and by tomorrow night I have to report some real progress.  I have all my drywall laid out in the yard so I better get busy.  I also have all that is needed to clean and repair the logs.

Later peeps.  I hope I get something accomplished!!

4 thoughts on “I am so pissed right now

  1. Well I don’t have to be happy about it. I am really really upset with these people. I filed a complaint against them with the BBB because I do not have many personal days available due to a lot of tragic family things so my time is very precious to me and the way she spoke to me this morning was as if it was not really important to them. It was the last straw …me taking a day off and them not even trying to work with me to get the work done on my schedule. I could care less now when or how they get this window in here all I know is that I am not taking another day off for them to do it unless they compensate me for a days work


  2. This is the type of thing that just KILLS me. As you said, you pay these people, they set appointments…and then they don’t keep them. And don’t have the courtesy to call and tell you either. That is beyond rude. We had a period where we were calling several contractors for estimates on things we needed done…most of them would just NEVER call back. And I got to the point where I refused to call a second time. I don’t see why I have to chase people just to give them my hard-earned money. They’re not doing me a favor, they’re getting PAID. But this thing where you’ve already PAID for and/or scheduled work and they just don’t show up or notify you that there will be a delay is unacceptable and I cannot understand why doing business this way is so prevalent in the contracting/renovation business. It stinks. I agree, you should file a complaint with BBB. And next time follow your mind and make them put what you said about “by a certain date” in the contract. If they balk at it walk away.


    • Thank you….why should I beg someone to come and make my money? I did file the complaint and after they came with NO appointment to install the window (we are talking about the window people right?) they had the nerve to put a sign in my yard. I laid the sign down in the yard so drivers cant see it and emailed them and told them to come get it. That was last week. As of this morning its still there so now I am going to put it back up and put in big letters do not use this company…I bet they come get it then. LOL They really think they rule things around this joint. I have to show them they don’t


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