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Yes master?

I feel torn right now.  Went to church this morning, came home and rested.  Since I woke up this morning  I have had a headache that just don’t want to stop and in church it seemed the music was doubly loud and it made my head hurt that much worse.  It feels as if it is killing me!! I am not sure if I should ignore it and do what I have to do or just lay down.  If I lay down nothing is going to get done.  ;-(

Now that the chinking is dry I can see it looks just terrible!!!  I have an idea what I am going to do to make them look better though.  I have to put my artistic skills to work but I am not sure how much I can do with my head like this.    At the very least I am going to clean the kitchen up.  Right now its a hazard zone and  I about broke my neck a few times trying to go through there.

I wish I had the money to pay someone else to do this… I am just not in the mood..

7:49 PM

I took some more Tylenol and drank a lot of water .  The headache is still there but not as bad.  I guess I was just thinking about doing some of this heavy work by myself.  This is the first time I ever had to do a job like this absolutely by myself.  Yeah, I don’t like it.

I scraped the excess chinking off the logs with a wire brush.  I then sanded some of it down with my sander.  That went okay.

I put a piece of sheet rock up behind the fridge and where the counters are going. Sheetrock is not light.  I cut a piece 88″ x 33″ in the yard and then I had to haul it in the house.  That was not easy.  I  had to maneuver it through the narrow doorways and around the fridge after moving the stove into the living room.  I finally got it in place and screwed it in.

Okay so on the ths.gardenweb kitchen thread they said I should keep the galley layout. Here are the problems with this layout:

  1. I will only be able to get one 18″ base cabinet between the stove and fridge.  That is how I have it now and it is not nearly enough cabinet space.
  2. If I put in a range hood I will not be able to put any cabinets in that spot unless it is 33w x 6″ high. That’s inefficient
  3. If I put my range hood over the stove I will have to divert the duct to the space where the window was removed (light wood spot)  You are probably thinking why not vent it out in the chimney?  It is sealed on  the inside of the chimney with cement that’s why.
  4. My range hood will no longer be the focal point of the kitchen…in fact where would a focal point be with it laid out like this?
  5. Major turn off is there will be no cabinet gain and all this work would have been done for nothing.

I have to think of something because I do not like the galley arraignment AT ALL even though I have to admit it is visually pleasing

This is the layout I wanted to do but now that I have the stove in place I see a couple of problems with this layout as well.  Here are the good/bad points:

  2. I will have to use a blind cabinet on the right side and a corner base cabinet on mt left.  I have a narrow cabinet I can put next to the stove with a drawer on top for cooking utensils and a door on the bottom for pot tops
  3. Can put the vent and hood over the stove and vent it directly outside and the vent hood will be the focal point of the kitchen
  4. can have a total run of 46″ of cabinets next to the fridge and can have the same on the wall.  Major gain of cabinet space
  5. Is tight and cramped.  Not that I cook that much.  I can stand in one spot with this arrangement and reach everything LOL




8 thoughts on “Yes master?

  1. So sorry you are not feeling well. Hope that headache goes away. They do make life miserable. I think it is a good idea to try to clean up of you possibly can. Then go take your nap. You need to get rid of that headache and usually a good nap will do it. Then when You wake up and look into your working space it will not feel so daunting since it is cleaned up. You will feel refreshed.

    Wish I could help you. My kitchen is trashed right now too. Painting the last bit of the hoosier and I can do nothing with out making a horrible mess.

    Take care . You are stressed. Give into it and rest.



    • LOL I took my nap when I got in from church. I had to get some things done. See post I updated it. I am also going to update the small small kitchen post. Thanks for the encouragement. I think if I had someone helping me I would feel much better. Its just too hard trying to do all this alone. I am strong enough but I don’t have the endurance LOL


  2. I hope you are feeling better. Headaches are the worst, and the added frustration of living in a construction zone is no help. I have been there many times.

    I think you should keep the layout you want–you’ve gotten this far. I think you should take a break from it for a day or two, and then concentrate on your original idea. You are at the stage where it gets overwhelming and you feel like it will never get done.

    I don’t know if this will help, or not, but in our first house, we had a very small kitchen and not a whole lot of room for cabinets. We ended up using wall cabinets, as the base cabinets, with the counter cut down to fit the top They were not deep, (only about 12″) but they did give us extra storage. We then hung wall cabinets above those, which gave it a unified look.

    Hang in there!


    • hmmmm that is a real idea. When Momma_Goose posted abut having cabinets that were not as deep I wondered where to get them. I found some 18″ but the problem will come in with the height. Do you have photos of it on your blog? I would like to see how that looks. I will check it the net later on and see if I can find some examples of that. Thanks for responding.


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