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Not so Funny

I was hungry so I looked in the fridge and remembered that I had all the makings of a Bubba Burger.  So I dug out my George Foreman grill and popped a Bubba burger on it. After a couple of minutes I noticed there was no sounds of a burger sizzling. 😦  I checked and no electricity in that plug.  So I plugged into another plug, nothing,  Another plug, nothing.  What da….. I noticed earlier that the plug where the contractors radio was plugged in had a scorch on it like some fire came out the plug.  Okay he mentioned something kept popping the breaker and he would have to trace the line to find out what it was.


So I think hmmmm, no more fuses, I now have a circuit breaker box so I said I can go check to see if any of the  breakers popped.  I go to turn on the basement light…its also scorched.  I flip it anyway and no lights in the basement.  OMG… I am turning everything off tonight.  I mean everything that is connected to the new box.  One of my biggest fears is getting burned up in a fire.  I was in a fire before and I crawled to the door to get out.  I did not get burned but the smoke darn near killed me.  It was the worst experience ever and coughing forever really hurts!!  I never want to experience  that again!!  In fact I feel like sleeping in my clothes in case the house does go on fire and I have to get out of here quick.  I can’t go out in my sleeping attire.  LOL never you mind what that normally is. Tonight its going to be a polo shirt and some Capri’s.

Please pray for my safety tonight and that the guy comes back tomorrow and makes everything right.

PS The Window company (KINGSFORD WINDOWS)  did not call me to make an appointment to install my window yet.  In being so mad with them on Friday I shot a complaint to the BBB.  I wonder if they will set up the appointment to install before they get wind of the complaint.  LOL…

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