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The makings of a nightmare…

Today was not a good day. The guy came to fix electrical because none of the new circuits are working and he does not know why.  I am sure it is something simple.  He tore out the ceiling and found these things.  EWWWL!!!

This would be a rat skeleton and uggggh it’s 12″ long!! sooooo disgusting…ewwwwl

and another snake skin or should I say another small snake skin…

I ALSO FOUND MORE NESTS so I asked him if he knew what these eggs are.  He said ROACHES and he said you see all those dots on the wall, what do you think that is?  I said mud and dirt coming down from the roof?  He so no…. ROACH DOO DOO

WHAT???? Gagging in mouth!  That is so gross!  Omg I am ready to tear all the walls out now!! I am so glad I never saw them or I would have freaked the heck out!  I have to wonder at what point was the house infested with roaches, rats and snakes and who got rid of them all? or are they still here and I just haven’t seen them.  Oh wait….I did see a snake in the basement last year and  he got trapped in the wall by some expanding foam…hmmmmm I wonder if above snake is that one?  My 87 year of neighbor told me I should have called her and she would have come over here and chopped him up proper style.  I laughed.  She said don’t laugh cause now you don’t know where he is at.  (I just noticed I said “he” when talking about a snake…LOL that wasn’t intentional…I don’t think).  Anyway she had me paranoid for a while.   Oh God don’t tell me I am going to have to break down and get a cat.  I HATE CATS.

I do remember when I first moved here I saw a roach and my theory is if you see one there are thousands hiding so I went out and brought 12 bombs and let them off before I went to work the next day.  I bombed the roof, basement and every room in the house.  When I came home from work I found nothing on the floor so I figured I panicked for nothing. I actually was kind of disappointed because I wanted to feel like I spent my money on those bombs wisely.  I remember bombing twice. Well apparently those jokers used to live here!!  They are not welcome in my house…oh heck to the no.There were three previous owners.  I can’t even ask anyone about whether or not the house was infested when the owners they knew lived here.  SOMEBODY HAD AN INFESTATION!!!.  Its so disgusting and embarrassing.  Well I am not embarrassed cause they (the pests) aren’t here with me…not to my knowledge anyway.

Ugggh I have the heebie-jeebies thinking about it.

Also the electrical outlets are still not working.  I think I am going to have to get someone else to check that out.  I hope this does not turn out to be a nightmare.

I should have known I was going to get bad news after seeing how I parked my car this morning.

and even Bear messed up today.  Why would anyone put a garbage bag on the porch with food in it and there is a dog on the porch?  That was just thoughtless.  I couldn’t even spank Bear for making this mess cause he only did what any dog would do…

7 thoughts on “The makings of a nightmare…

  1. Okay, nothing scares me more than snakes, but the rat skeleton…((shivers)). Just be glad he found them and not you!

    I sure hope they find and fix the electrical problem tomorrow.

    You will get through this!


    • Eectrician coming tomorrow. If I found that stuff I would never step foot in the basement again. I hope I never trip a breaker at night and have to go in the basement with a flashlight….ain’t happenin captain.


    • I hope it is atleast 50 years prehistoric…OMG I will be paying attention to every sound at night now LOL


  2. You are amazing, because if I even HEARD there were things like that in my walls, I would have died, but you are close enough to take pictures – crazy!!!


  3. Oh my goodness! We found a broom and a few screwdrivers in the walls, but if anyone found anything else, they’ve had enough sense to keep it from me! Don’t worry about getting a cat; instead of hunting inside, they’ll try to hunt outside and bring “treats” inside. That’s how we wound up with snakes in our basement when I was younger.


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