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Posting from my phone…

Okay I am still skeezed out by the roaches, rats and snakes so I decided I have to get this kitchen finished with the quickness. I am going to dedicate every spare moment ripping the rest of these cabinets out so I can clean the roach poop off the studs and exterminate and get the walls closed back up NLT Sunday. I know u think I am kidding but I have bleach, a scrub brush, gloves and a mask. Okay?

I went and ordered cabinets and got stuck on countertop choices. Yes I did order cabinets so just ignore that “phone call from my pastor” post. LOL. This kitchen has busted the budget and went from a cash cow to a cash and credit cow.

Okay so back to the countertops…I originally wanted black. I found this store that has pretty good prices but no true back countertop. I narrowed my choices down to a little black with brown and mostly black. What do u think? The floor is staying:

The cabinets will be a cream color and the logs cream, hardware is black. wall color undecided but I really love this Pismo Dunes color by Behr (the light gold on top)

Then the choices for the counter




The second one is double the price of the first one. Also…I am supposed to be getting a custom wall with a stone pattern and i hate to be picky but I put the electrical plate over the outlet and there is no way its going to fit without modifications. Right now he only has a scratch coat up but I have to make him cut out enough for the plate cover. I know I am getting on his LAST nerve but I want it done right.


You can already see the wall is too high and its going to get even higher. I hate to be a pain but….

As for the between the studs shelves….tomorrow I have to get another pneumatic nail gun because the one I have is jamming and I oiled it really well but it continues to shoot out 3 nails at a time and its pissing me off. I thought I had a bad batch of nails so I got more, then, I thought I needed to oil the gun better but that didn’t work either. It takes time to get that compressor up and ready and for the nail gun to fail is disappointing. I think I saw a cheap one at Harbor Freight and I may get that and get the other nail gun fixed later. Now all I need is electricity. I have to post via my phone cause I plugged in my laptop and I heard the plug sizzling. What da….I unplugged it quickly.

Okay going tear out some cabinets then hit the sack. Please post your opinion on the countertops…thanks…

11:35 pm…been working all this time. Well I did take a phone and texting break…so here is where I am…stuck…. cause I can’t get the freaking turn off valves on the sink to turn…at all…period. so once again I need to be rescued. Maybe I can get some wd-40 hmmm. I used to say all u need is wd-40, caulk and duct tape in your tool box and you’re set.
Here’s a visual on my status…

Been looking at those counter tops all night. I made up my mind already….I am going with the black…thats the first one.

5 thoughts on “Posting from my phone…

  1. Holy cow! What did I miss? I thought you were making cabinets? Glad you got some ordered. I like the first counter top, but I’m not sure about it with the wall color you are thinking of. I think the 2nd one would go better with the color (IMO) What kind of custom wall are you getting done?

    Good luck!


  2. Regarding the plug. There are little green bumpers you can buy in a bag of a 100. They go behind the screws and build up the plug to fit nicely on whatever your wall is. I used these for an added tile backsplash.

    Many of my outlets were old in the house and replace them as needed. I like the flat switches and they look neater, especially the kitchen.

    Your blog is fun. Glad you directed me on another forum. You are doing a great job. Is wonderful going through your days.

    Tell the electrician to take those rings off (if they are what I see). Major danger working with electricity…..


    • thank you for the green plug hint. I will check on them this weekend. and yes I like the flat switches also.
      That was no electrician that was me just showing how high the plug was. those outlets were dead as a door knob BUT I have taken all jewelry off until I finish the kitchen.


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