The back wall

The back wall was supposed to be a surprise.  I was going to brick up the rest of the back wall with the bricks I had left over but then that seemed to be too expensive even though I had the bricks. The bricks would have had to be cut in half as full bricks were too thick. Rick, who is working on my kitchen, does special brick face walls and he is going to do a stone wall on that back wall.  I am still a little undecided on the pattern, especially now since I could not find the black counter top in my price range.

So here are my choices for the wall…I have not made up my mind if I want the regular or irregular.  You can vote on that if you want.  I am leaning towards the regular but the irregular goes more with the logs



I also REALLY need help with color to tie all this junk in together. I am thinking if not a yellow then a boooooring tan.

Next thing I need help with…if I use a stainless steel sink what color faucet should I get?  I like the rubbed bronze (almost blackish looking in the photos) but should the faucet match the sink?  Look on to see the choices.   All I know for sure is I want a 4-hole set and it HAS to come with the soap dispenser. That will make me feel like I really did something big and I stepped up my game in the kitchen….its the little things LOL.

Oh and I checked my receipts last night and at a quick glance I think i am actually still on budget!  At the end is anyone interested in knowing the numbers? I don’t know if that is tacky or not but I like to know these things when I am reading blogs and then I don’t know if its tacky to ask, so I usually don’t.  Reality shows give people such a false impression on how much these things cost.

6 thoughts on “The back wall

  1. Voting for regular. As much as I love abstract look and wild as I can be with my own back splash. I think in your small space a more orderly look will actually go better with the logs. The color is good to go with the logs. You can go any color as accent as logs and walls are neutral unless I am missing some thing.

    I am a real fan of white counters. We did a white counter with oak Edge on it that was pretty in our log house. even though all the wood in the house was pine the oak edge worked well. It was the wood look rather than the actual matching wood.

    I am not a fan of the oil rubbed bronze. I think you better ask on kitchens at GW what their thoughts are to go with stainless. In my brain it would clash. I have never experienced a soap dispenser. I do not now how they are filled. Filling might be a problem for me.


  2. I vote for the regular pattern also. I also agree that it will look too busy, but that’s just my opinion. Boring tan? I think something like Valspar Lyndurst Timber would go great with your floor and counter tops. Re: the ORB faucet, here is a forum I found discussing this. If you scroll down, there’s a picture of a SS with ORB faucet and it looks great!!
    I hope all these links work. 🙂 You can also just Google “Stainless steel sink with ORB faucet” and click the images and you will find severl. Are you using the ORB hardware? I can’t wait to see the finished product.


  3. I agree with Chris. Regular pattern for backsplash. If you are going with a stainless sink, then I would go with stainless fixtures. I’m afraid the bronze would clash.


  4. Another vote for regular pattern. You don’t want your kitchen to look like it belongs in a lodge on the mountains out west. Or maybe you do? 🙂
    ORB faucet would be fine with a stainless sink as long as all your other hardware is ORB (knobs, pulls, etc). In a small space, you need to keep the amount of pattern and color variation to a minimum otherwise it can look ca-razy


  5. Thank you for your votes. Regular it is! I decided to keep my faucet that I already have and deal with the buyers remorse and buy a soap dispenser. Soap dispenser is 21 vs all new faucet 100+… Chris…I already ordered the counter. Its black with tan and brown in it. We already voted on it remember?


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