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Damsel in Distress Call Answered!

I am a pretty independent and handy chick but at the end of the day I am still a woman and I have my limitations. I am comfortable with that. occasionally I have to send out the distress signal and get rescued. Yesterday was such a day. Something so simple as not being able to shut off the shut off valve for the faucets was holding me up. Yeah. I called a friend and he came right away to shut off the water and cap the pipes for me and then also took out my sink. He fussed at me for buying a new sink because what I have is a perfectly good sink but agreed with me when I pointed out how shallow it is. He also applauded me for finding such a good deal. Smile. Yup…that SOS turned out okay.

I am posting from my tablet ( my Kindle Fire actually) so this is going to be short.

I drank a Mountain Dew after getting the sink out so sleep tonight is spotty…which is why I am posting at 4:34 AM.

Its Friday and I hope to get a lot accomplished. I am working on my Lowe’s shopping list and the goal is to go straight from work one time. I am not wasting half of my weekend running back and forth to the store this weekend. I have to get stuff done while I can and since I now have reliable help….I’ll keep you updated. You know I will…and if a wall Color strikes you for my walls…please share

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