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The Snowball Effect…

ImageOkay so when this project started I was only getting a price for windows because I saw a sign in Lowe’s for $99 installation price on windows but when I priced all new windows I decided to only get a garden window, then I decided to take off the paneling in the kitchen and was going to enlarge my storage by salvaging the cabinets I already have and add to them, then I wound up rewiring part of the house to get rid of the fuse box that was getting in the way of having a nice wall above my fold down table, then after I opened the walls I decided to keep the logs exposed which turned into a major drama to get all the supplies to chink and repair the log wall and when I found evidence of varmints previously being here I wanted to get the walls closed back up, which put me in a rush to finish, so I wound up buying new cabinets and countertops after swearing I was either going to make the cabinets myself or get a carpenter in here to make the additional pieces for me, I also took out a window since I was going to  go from a galley kitchen to a u shape, and after tearing out the sink and seeing the floor I decided this place was disgusting and I did not want anything original in my kitchen so I brought new flooring and since everything else was new I might as well get a deeper sink since I hate my sink, and add a soap dispenser, and in my mind that completed that remodel plan.


What a joke.

ImageSee what happened was… I have this narrow back door (31”) and I needed to get a corner cabinet in the house.  I struggled for an hour at one in the morning this morning trying to get this joker up the steps so I could get it in the house.  I got it up the steps but couldn’t get it in the doorway (because it would not fit).  I left it on my porch overnight and today I had to wind up taking the doorway apart and it still will not go through it.  I need a 1/8th inch more clearance in the doorway.  If I take another piece off I am not going to have a door. I considered taking the cabinet apart but that might mean real trouble.  So removing the door frame was the only option.  I took off the screen door and that gave me an inch, and each side of the door frame gave me another inch, and now I am about an eighth of an INCH away from getting this cabinet in the door!! AN EIGHTH OF AN INCH!…In the process of taking off these pieces of the door frame, I found the first rotted wood.  Since I been here I have not found anything rotted, which I know sounds impossible since the house was built in the 40’s but you have to remember that it was also built out of cedar.  Apparently insects hate cedar.  Well apparently not roaches but termites hate cedar… So now I need to either rebuild the door or buy a new door.  After I figured out that the cabinet was not going to fit I tried to put the door frame back together…that didn’t work. You know what has to happen now right? New door!   Oh my goodness how am I going to pull this off?  And I have to call in to work tomorrow since I don’t have a secure door to close when I leave.

I am a simple person yet that simplicity makes me appear complicated.  I can be so easy to please if it is understood that what would make me truly happy is a nice home, and a relaxed lifestyle with a nice (and handy) husband.  Admittedly, I probably am not ready to be married yet so don’t go trying to set me up with someone.  I say I might not be ready yet because I am still a spoiled brat who can’t take it when I don’t get my way.  I am working on that….  I definitely need a King looking for his queen though and until I work that out…I would be happy to be friends with someone who is who they say they are and they walk the life they talk about, and smell good. Lord knows I love an honest handy man that smells good. You wouldn’t think that would be so hard to find but honey it is!  The single scene is real scary these days!   I know God is preparing a man for me and He is preparing me for that man…so I can wait.

I mention that because this remodel job is getting out of hand and I was thinking its a good thing I am single because if I was married and this thing snowballed like it did he would swear I was doing all this on purpose just to get a new kitchen and I probably would have to go to counseling to save my marriage.  LOL  and for the record if I was married I would have asked for better cabinets, but I’m not so I got cheap cabinets so I could stay close to budget.

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