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I been called a train wreck…

My boss nick-named me “train wreck” and sometimes I do feel like a train wreck or I been in a train wreck.  This renovation is a train wreck, my hair is a train wreck, my scarred up legs look like they been in a train wreck, and my bank account is a train wreck.  LOL yeah, I accept that name for now.

I got up early this morning and the goal of the day was to get this door working, fixed or whatever.  I also wanted to get my range hood made since I had like 18 hours until my midnight bed time deadline.  While I waited for Rick to get here I decided to put my table saw together so I could get busy on my carpentry tasks that need to be done.  It took me over two hours to put that thing together and I still can’t figure out how to get the guard on it right.  That’s a safety violation so I am not sure if I will use it without the guard or not. I wish I had my old one back, purchased already put together.  Learn from my mistake and never loan out your tools to anyone…especially family.

Rick got here and  was shocked that I did as much as I did since he was last here.  He decided he was going to finish up everything that he had started and then we would work on the door.  He worked on the wall and I just cannot express the feeling this little piece of wall gives my kitchen.  I love it.

pattern up


color applied


After he did the wall he went down in the basement to put the light back up.  There was no power to the light and he was not going to mess with the electricity.  I didn’t go down in the basement to check but I assume he put the light up and all it needs now is juice.

He suggested instead of going up an inch like I did on the front door why don’t I go ahead and get a 36” door.  After I hemmed and hawed I said okay only because there is a door that I saw that I like at my new favorite store, Surplus Warehouse, but they only carry it in 36”.  When we get to the store and  found the door there were a couple more choices available.  At first I wanted the half lite door with the blinds built in the window.  I mentioned this to my supervisor and she told me she hates those doors.  Now the funny thing is that whenever I tell her anything and by chance she doesn’t like it then a couple weeks later in thinking about it I usually agree with her.  That’s how I came to hate my knock out Roses and crepe myrtle trees.  I had picked out a second choice door and actually been salivating over it for the last couple of months but when I got to the store I liked this one better.


Yes I am a woman and it’s my prerogative to change my mind!!

While I was waiting for the man to ring me up I looked at tile.  I was almost ready to buy some tile and bring the vinyl back to the store but now I had a chance to think about it I am not going to do it because

I will have to totally strip all the flooring layers off the floor and lay down underlay

It will make the floors too high and with a 7’ ceiling, it is just not practical.

The tile I picked out cost more than the vinyl and I really can’t afford it right now.

I am glad I had a chance to think this over in my mind.  It’s so easy to get caught in a moment.

The doorway had to be modified to go from 31” to 36”.  As soon as I started tearing out the door frame I saw goo gobs of black ants.  Carpenter ants.  OMG they can be as bad as termites.  I sprayed and sealed.  I had to go to the store and when I got back there were hundreds of these ants dead.  Then I started cleaning up the hole and found not only rotted wood but also damaged wood.  That makes my stomach turn!  I was able to cut out most of the damaged wood, thanks to my sawzall.  I love that thing.  Rick hung the door.  He messed up my siding, which is not hard considering it is asbestos and asbestos is very brittle.  He only charged me a couple of dollars to hang the door and this is how he left it   I have to find a way to finish it before the night is over.  He said I was a slave driver.  LOL I heard that before but I really don’t understand it.

I am sooo sleepy.  It is only a little past 7 at this writing but I am sore all over and I am ready to get in my bed and get myself a good nights sleep.  I will look at amending the door, then take a Tylenol, then a shower and go to sleep.  I hope I have something decent to wear to work tomorrow cause I am not even looking.  Oh and I hope this expanding foam comes off my fingers.  It looks and feels so nasty!

The yard looks like a train wreck!


the Living room has most of the kitchen in it…looking like a train wreck


the kitchen…a wreck






Laundry room…train wreck

Everything about my house screams TRAIN WRECK!!  Except my new window

Oh and the snowball effect of this door drama is now I need new siding and I need new windows on the porch

6 thoughts on “I been called a train wreck…

  1. It may look and feel like a train wreck now, but it will all come together and be beautiful. It’s very hard to live in a construction zone, you always feel unsettled and disorganized. Take the chance to simplify your life. Only move back in what you love and sell or donate the rest.

    Love the changes. It’s definitely looking more personalized. And you will not regret getting a 36″ door. A blessing in disguise!

    Why do you need new siding? I’m sure you can find a way to trim out the door, maybe with wide trim, or two layers of thinner trim (kind of a layered look). Look into it before you invest in new siding!


    • Thank you! I am really happy about getting a bigger door. As for the siding, everything think I have done to the outside has resulted in these asbestos shingles breaking up. I painted it and so you can’t really tell from the street but now I don’t have any more paint, and if I did it probably won’t match. With the back door install it looks terrible.


  2. Thank you! I am really happy about getting a bigger door even if it came at an unexpected time. As for the siding, everything I have done to the outside has resulted in these asbestos shingles breaking up. I painted it and so you can’t really tell from the street but now I don’t have any more paint, and if I did it probably won’t match. With the side window boarded up and the back door install, it looks terrible.


  3. Lookin’ good! From the picture of your back door, it just looks like you need some wide trim around it painted white (like the trim around your new window).


  4. Hey Baby Girl, I just wanted you to know I came here like I promised and I read and enjoyed every single story. You still have the gift of gab 🙂 I am glad you are documenting this project because I am always telling people about the miracles I seen you do on houses. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


    • Thank you cuz. I had to do so much expensive maintenance on the house that it took a while to get to the point of being able to start making it look like a home. Years actually… as money is tight these days. Thanks for your comments…I feel pressured to do a good job now. LOL. Oh and if you volunteering to help…come on down. LOL


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