Oh the Pain

I woke up this morning and every inch of my body is in pain.  I mean real pain.  My hands are swollen too and they are killing me and they look terrible with this dried up expanding foam on it.  (soaked them in alcohol and scrubbed with exfoliating soap but that didn’t work this time).


I went to let Bear out and realized I went to sleep with the door unlocked.  I was really tired yesterday.  This day I just have to suck up the pain.  If I called in to work this morning my supervisor would think I was just using a sick day to work on the house so I will crawl in and attempt to get in a full days worth of work. I ate a hamburger bun (nothing else to eat in the house) and took a Naproxen.  I am not even sure if that will do the trick or not.

Well I guess I better get myself in gear…have a good day…and I will attempt to have one as well.


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