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I woke up this morning at 5:30 but my goal is 5 AM.  I am trying to turn around from being a night owl back to being an early bird.  I am getting there slowly but surely.

The wall is starting to lighten up and I am not feeling it.  I want it darker.  I am going to experiment with the square around the vent to see if I can get the cement darker without totally screwing things up.  I am going to use the cement dye that is supposed to be put in the wet cement.  fingers crossed!!

this is how it is looking this morning:


When I got home from work once again I had something to do and I did not get a chance to work on anything until late after 7 and I had to run out at that time to get me something to eat. I didn’t get to mess with the wall till almost 8:30.   The wall was even lighter when I walked in the door.  I had to do something about it tonight.  Man this is not enough time to work on my junk!

I took some of the cement colorant and mixed it in a small tupperware bowl.  I used a paintbrush and brushed it on my test square and it came out black.  I wanted to darken it not blacken it.  I mixed more water in and the same thing.  I said to myself “Self, you have to find something bigger to dilute this color”.  I looked around and all I saw was the bucket with the nails in it.  I dumped the nails out and poured the dye in it. . As soon as I did that dye was dripping all over the floor. OH SHOOT

I tried to wipe it up with a towel and all it did was smear it all over the place.  I had to get the drip contained and while pouring the dye back into the original bowl, that was when I noticed that the nail bucket had a big ole hole in the side.  wow.  Bear tried licking the dye up and I fussed at him to stop then he went running towards the door because he already knew I was about to kick him out of the house.  During his little run he left dye footprints the whole way.  I put him out.  I thought about the Zep Citrus Degreaser that I recommended to you a while ago. I was hesitant to use it because this was dye not grease but  I didn’t have anything else available to use.  I sprayed it and bam, cleaned it all right up with one pass.  WOW.  I got up the mess I made and I got up Bear’s mess he made with his footprints.I love that stuff!

I found a big bowl outside and I mixed the dye in it with more water and I commenced to painting the bricks.  I had to go over the bricks several times because now I am mostly getting a light wash of color.  That’s exactly what I wanted. Here is how it is looking now.  I think it looks better but it’s still wet so the verdict is still out there.

The big square by the vent hole won’t be seen so pay no attention to that part.  That’s where I was testing the dye out.

Well it is 9:30 and its time to go to bed.  I will see how this wash worked tomorrow, it will be better to make a judgement when the water smears dry and ff it’s not dark enough I will go over it again.

My cousin is supposed to be coming down to help me this weekend.  Hmmmph we will see.  I need help with the things that really take muscle since I do have limited mobility in my left arm.  I also need someone here to keep me on track and stop me from taking too many breaks.  My biggest goal is to get the kitchen to a point where I can get my cabinets in the house before they get messed up from being outside.

Check on me later….On and I have almost a hundred people reading my blog a day.  Thanks!  I love it when people are interested in my stories.  If I lived in the old days I am sure I would be the tribe’s historian gathering all the  people round from the reservation telling stories of our people… what do they call that person?

6 thoughts on “changing things

  1. When I need to change the color of my grout I use the craft paints watered down and play until I get the right color. I have also done this with inside house paint but it does fade slightly with the regular latex house paint mix. I have not found it to fade with the craft paint on grout. Since cement and grout are close bed fellows you might consider the craft paint diluted with water.


    • Thank you. Unfortunately I did not read this until just now and I have already done something. I am updating the post now


    • Thank you on the logs. I thought just a peep at them was a sufficient effect without it being overwhelming. As for the bricks, they did not look natural to me with no color variation, just flat grey. They dried pretty much as they looked in the photo with the color wash and they look much better now to me. I will post the next photo with the vent up so as not to be distracted by the dark square on top LOL. Now all I have to do is seal them wall and its a done deal. I have to go out out in the storage room and find that grout sealer. I am thinking that should also work on the “bricks”. Then I am done and can move on. I guess one small task a day is a realistic goal. Today it will be to seal the grout and hopefully hang some more of the drywall. At least a sheet. LOL


  2. Hey, that looks a lot better with the new wash! My only suggestion (and you can take it with a grain of salt) is to go ahead and cover up the logs with drywall. I know you did all that work on them, but there’s only a little bit showing, right? If it were me, I would rather have all 3 walls the same and then the one focal wall.


    • You are right girl I did ALL THAT WORK LOL. Actually I thought about what you said but since the log wall is behind the fridge you actually have to go all the way in the kitchen to see it. For now its staying but later I might change that. Thanks though


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