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Am I Entitled to Rest?

I woke up again full of pain and my right hand really swollen.  I have a splinter in it that I can’t seem to get out so that might have something to do with it.  I missed church this morning, and that was partly the fault of switching over the phone and not getting my alarms right, partly from the fact that I went to bed late and partly from the fact that I am tired as all get out.  I guess not really eating right might also have something to do with it.  I want to rest but I feel guilty for trying.  On the other hand I am so tired that I don’t have the energy to get started.  I want to sleep the rest of the day away!!

It is 102 degrees today and my AC is straining like crazy trying to keep the house cool.  I have the AC set on 72 degrees but all day its been running and so far its only maintaining 77 degrees.  I must be low on freon.  I guess that’s what I get for not getting the seasonal maintenance this year.  I keep thinking since its a new system I don’t need it.  yeah right.  Everything now a days is built so that it doesn’t last and it needs constant maintenance.

Yesterday it was 104 degrees with a heat index of 110. We had a brief with high winds.  I heard this loud cracking noise and within seconds my yard had huge limbs falling.  It looks terrible and the limbs are too heavy for me to move.  This is one of those deals you would have to see for yourself.  The photo doesn’t look all that bad but in person its bad. When I went out last night to get something to eat a huge tree broke and fell into the main road.  It didn’t fall on my side of the road but it did right in front of another lady on the other side of the road.  I think she was pretty shook up cause she stayed there for a minute.  It didn’t touch her car.

I got the tile in the window done…Another thing checked off my list.  Well as you see “I” did not do it, I just made sure it got done.  LOL.

It came out nice.  It still has to be sealed and then I can add some plants to my window

While the window was getting done I worked on framing the between the studs shelves.  I know you still can’t picture how this is going to look…patience grasshopper!

I got some of the sheet rock hung.  I also had to take some down and redo it.  That ticked me off a bit but I wanted it done right so I took it down… Twice.

I also managed to get most of the things out of the house next door I am emptying to sell.  I found out the church on the other side of me is going to have a yard sale on the 14th so I donated everything in the house to the church.  i told them if they take anything they have to take it all.  They gladly obliged.  There was a lot of things that would be great for a yard sale and some high ticket items.   Reverend Shelton was a great help to my family when we were doing a memorial service for my Momz and I was more than happy to give back to his church.  It also helped me to not have to deal with trying to sell the stuff.  The house should be completely empty by the end of the week.  YES!!!

The electrician and his sons came over (how come I didn’t get photos of them???) and they got the basement light working and I think he finished up correcting all the problems I was having with the electrical work.  When I went to pay him I gladly gave him a tip for coming out on a holiday weekend.  No sooner than the money was in his hand did a lady from the church  drive in my driveway and give me my money back for a purchase I made from them earlier, saying they couldn’t take my money.  In essence I got my tip back…wasn’t that a blessing?

Well in writing all this junk down I see I really did get some things accomplished this weekend. Not as much as I would have liked BUT steady progress is good.  I have so many things going on at one time that sometimes it feels like hardly anything is getting done.   I also successfully transitioned my website over to my very own domain name.  Whooooo whooooo.  I messed it up a couple of times before I went live with it but I think I have it all ironed out now.

I guess the answer to my subject line is yes I am but the new question is will I?



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