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Clearance Sales are Good Sales

I don’t want to make my posts tooo tooo long so I decided to start a new one to conclude my entries for the day.  I left to go to Lowe’s because I needed some supplies to finish the work in the kitchen.  Did I absolutely need to go there tonight?  Noooo but since I had to pass it to get something to eat I decided to stop.  Now mind you I been to Lowes twice today and checked the clearance tables but because I needed a piece of trim that just so happens to be by the clearance table, I stopped to check it out AGAIN.  Wow they put more stuff on it….stuff I need…stuff I could not pass by, stuff I could afford.  For instance…since I decided to put a light over my flip up table I need the guts to make another pendant light.  I see this light.  Now just last week it was $54.  I know this because I thought to myself how perfect that would be to have all the parts I need for my light in one box and all I have to do is change the glass to what I want it to be, then I saw the price and I passed it by.  Then bam, tonight it was $14.  I threw it in my cart.  I asked the guy why it was marked down soooo low.  He says because once the bulb burns out it can not be replaced.  Are you kidding me?  No he says, but the bulb lasts years.  I look on the box… every side of it… there is nothing saying that you can not replace the bulbs once they blow.  I even opened it up and looked at the instructions…still nothing.  I brought it anyway because I need it for the guts and if the bulb blows I will just put in a regular socket.  Done deal.  I had to also buy some spray paint to make it ORB like the rest of the lights I plan to make. Now I will look over everything in the box with a fine tooth comb to see if the manufacturer discloses that piece of info.  If not then I will go online to see if maybe the Lowe’s guy was wrong.

Next clearance table I see a piece of fabric that catches my eye. Actually it’s a single curtain panel. Hmmmm this would go really well on my two chairs I got for free from the church.  I am also spraying the metal on the chairs  ORB.  The fabric is a really dark brown, almost looks black and on the receipt it says it’s country queen black.  LOL.  It was marked down from $24.97 to $14.98.  Its amazing that when I go to the fabric store looking for material I can never make up my mind but let me see a big enough curtain on clearance and it only takes me a second to decide.  LOL!!!

I was going to burn the midnight oil tonight but I changed my mind. Tonight is a done deal as far as this drywall is concerned.  It’s off to lala land and then gonna start early tomorrow.  No breaks tomorrow.  No trips to Lowe’s tomorrow.  No chit chatting on the phone when I am supposed to be working tomorrow.  No updating my blog when I am supposed to be working tomorrow.   Photos of my progress will be posted soon!  You are going to be surprised!

Next thought…what can I realistically expect to finish by Sunday?  I at least want paint on the walls (meaning the drywall has to be finished), the electrical finished, the range hood put up and all the between the studs shelves finished including the doors.  also I want the cabinets in place.  The rest I can take my time with.

last thought… I have several guy friends who ask me to type letters for them, fix their resumes, update their webpages, upload their photos to a store,  order prints and other dumb stuff like that.   Most of the time I do it in a timely time frame and I don’t charge them and when I need a favor I don’t hesitate to call them.  Usually they call me far more often than I call them but I do call in the favors once in a while.  I asked one of my friends last week to come get my car and take it to a couple of body shops to get estimates on repainting the inside of my door and my skirt and getting the stain off my leather seat (remember when I dropped the can of stain on my toe?).  He said okay and actually I was going to give him a couple of dollars since I know its an unusual request.  We confirmed this on the phone last night.  It crossed my mind several times today and I was wondering what time he was  coming but I was so busy I didn’t call him.  At 2:42 PM he calls hemming and hawing and all I was thinking is that he wasn’t coming to get the car as promised.  I finally had to ask and he made up a thousand excuses, then told me where some good body shops were.  Hmmph.  I was nice on the phone, did not scream or fuss him out like I wanted to and didn’t hang up even though I was pretty ticked off.  I know I am spoiled and like to get my way but this is different.  If you promise something… do it, especially if someone one is relying on you to do it and especially if it is something important.  I wanted a guy to take the car because we already know if a woman drives up in there to get an estimate it is going to be inflated.  You know how they do us (women).   I won’t be answering his calls for a good while.  I hate people to disappoint me.  He doesn’t read my blog so I can talk about him LOL.



4 thoughts on “Clearance Sales are Good Sales

  1. Declaring no trips to Lowes is like begging the gods to send you multiple times!! I predict at least one in your immediate future.

    The most irritating part of when someone flakes out on me is when I accept it graciously and don’t tell them how they’ve irritated/inconvenienced me. Like I’m so concerned about this person’s feelings who just had no regard for mine. Then I’m mad at myself for being so girly and accommodating.


    • I started working at 5 this morning and I tell you by 8 I realized I need to go to Lowes but I refuse…I just moved on to another project. I put a chair in the kitchen and wow…I am doing most of my work from it. LOL. I feel soooo lazy and yet energetic.
      In Sunday school a couple of weeks ago we were talking about not being negative reactors and letting others bear the responsibility of their behaviors while we control our behavior no matter how tempted we are not to. I put it to the test yesterday. I might tell him one day but I really believe that when he calls me and I don’t answer the phone he will figure it out.


  2. Stress from my job made me painfully ill for over a year and a half. Finally let go of it and I am healing. BUT I also started telling people when they hurt my feelings or were emotionally abusing me how it hurt me. Put the guilt on them and quit holding it in. There are times I held way too much in.

    Also I can not find how to follow your new blog. I have to keep going back to when you announced you changed to get to it. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    Happy Fourth. If it is any consultation I am working too. Only in hiding. Will Lows even be open today??

    Thanks Chris


    • Sorry you were ill. Actually I hardly ever let anyone stress me out anymore. This car thing was important to me but not important enough to fret over it. It’s not that deep. I stay too busy to worry. Thanks for asking about how to follow my blog. At the very bottom of the page there is an orange RSS feed button. If you click that you should be able to get the RSS feeds. I am not sure how they work though as I have never used them. The easiest option is when you make a comment there is a check box under the comment box that says “Notify me of new posts via email”. If you check that box one time you should get them in your email, which is how I like to get mine BUT keep in mind I update the posts during the day so it is always best to check it again the next day. I am not sure what the deal here is with WordPress and no redirects. I was on blogger and I set up a redirect for free so if you go to my blogger blog it forwards you here. WordPress on the other hand charges you for that option and I am already paying for hosting and my domain name so I refuse to pay any more.


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