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I am so sick of this drywall!

How many days does it take to hang drywall?  It is a whole different story when you are working on your own.  First of all there is no pressure not to keep taking breaks, all work must stop when a store run or meal break has to be taken and no one to blame when things go wrong.  This is absolutely the first time I have done stuff like this by myself, although I admit I have gotten a lot of help here and there.  I usually have someone working beside me though, someone I can fuss at when I get frustrated and use that as an excuse to take a break.  LOL…just kidding.

Today I had to go to Lowe’s to buy a new light switch.  This is why so little work has been done.  I keep window shopping while I am there AND checking all the clearance tables instead of going in and getting what I need.  When I looked at the light switches I was amazed…OMG stuff is changing so much!  How can you buy just a plain ole switch when they have all these fancy-dancy gadgets available?

A programmable dimmer switch.  This is just for pure lazy people though..and if I could afford it, it would be for lazy people like me LOL.  You set the light level and when you turn the lights on they come on at the brightness level you set.


OMG then they have them with timers.  You set the times for the lights to come on and what level they will be at when they come on and what time to go off.  That’s great for people who travel a lot …also like me.

Then they have switches in different colors.  Imagine having ORB (oil rubbed brass) faucets and a light switch to match…so awesome.  I will remember this when I do my next house. Notice there are no prices on these.  You know what they say…if you have to ask you can’t afford it…yup…that’s me… and if I could I am usually too cheap to buy it.  LOL

Then they have plugs with USB chargers built-in for dorks like me who always loses the plug part of my charger.  I might consider putting one of these in my office…if I ever get to the point where I start using it again LOL

I then saw a triple single pole rocker switch. Hmmmm

I thought to myself I could afford this little nicety and it would be niiiice  for my pendant light going over my sink, the ceiling light and a small light near my flip up table…so I brought it.  Then I got home and thought to myself I could wire this puppy.  Thank God I had not closed that wall yet… So I got out my roll of Romex wire and I got busy drilling holes in the studs and running wire. I was very careful in making sure my wires looked neat, and I used conduit clamps to neaten up the wires already in place…as much as I could.

I have run many a light switch in my day but the problem here is that my light switch does not have a ground wire and the new one does.  So I figured I would just run a wire with the ground from the junction box to the switch (because those wires have grounds), tie it in the main hot wire and connect it to the switch then I could tie in all the other lights and I would be set.  Well after I did all that I decided I better call my new  electrician to make sure I was doing  it right. I thought he was going to be so proud of me knowing what the heck I am doing.  Heck I was only an Avionics Electronic Technician for 8 12 years (i have no idea why I said 8 originally) in the Navy (but he doesn’t know that yet).  Well to my disappointment he said if I get the lights to work the way I was planning on doing it I should call him back and let him know because he does not think it will work.  LOL.  He commenced to explain how I need to do it and it sure sounded exactly like I had it set up but I asked him to come check it when he gets a chance.  He said he would come over in a few days.  I was cool with that because quite honestly I am tired of dealing with drywall.  I was planning where everything is going and I added extra studs in the walls to support them.  I had to add studs for my between the studs shelves (which OMG I just remembered that I forgot to put a stud in and  I have already mudded it all up)

Anyway I started mudding and found a piece of wall I forgot to put in so I decided to take ANOTHER break.  LOL.  Now break time is over but I MUST go get me something to eat and hopefully I won’t be too tired to finish up SOMETHING tonight.


4 thoughts on “I am so sick of this drywall!

  1. So true! I can relate to doing the renovation by yourself. Everything is up to you. I admire your spirit – keep up the good work,


  2. I had NO idea they made usb-port electrical outlets!!! Adding this to my list for husband!!

    You have an insane amount of energy. If I did all that myself? I would need to lie down on the floor and not get up for a few days.


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