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Plans for the weekend

All day long I couldn’t wait to get off.  I have some shopping to do…again.  I went to the Surplus store where I got my cabinets and got Randy to explain to me AGAIN what I am supposed to be doing.  Now he added more on the list.  Put a layer of lauan on the floor, staple it with a crown stapler, which I said I have, and then use a leveling compound of some sort to cover up the staples and seams.  The staples go every 2″ around the borders and every 4″ everywhere else.  He told me I have to cut my sink pipes (one of which is galvanized steel) in order to get the cabinet on without messing the whole cabinet up with holes.  Jesus…I felt so overwhelmed when I left.  At first I was thinking I CAN’T DO ALL THAT but the more I thought about it the more confidence I had in myself. Not about the pipes though… I think I will get a plumber to do that part when I have the gas line moved.  I am not touching that because that can snowball into something really expensive…but at least I know what has to be done and I can sound “educated” when I talk to the plumber.

I went in Lowe’s and the guy asked me what I was going to use to tack down the lauan.  I told him a stapler.  He asked “so you have one?”  I said yes, in fact I need to get some staples for it  before I leave.  I showed him my little craftsmen manual staple gun and he about fell out.  “Lady you have got to be kidding me.”  Whaaaaaaat I said.  He said I can’t use that.  Then he asked me if I have a compressor.  I said yes.  He showed me a pneumatic staple gun.  Ohhhh a new toy!!  And it was on clearance, which was a good thing since I have to have  it.  Which brings me to the question of where in the heck is the one I just remembered I brought years ago?  I think I  loaned it my then boyfriend for a job he was doing and I never got it back.  I wonder if I traded it for some work or some other tool or if he just never gave it back and I forgot about it. I think I traded it.  That seems awfully familiar.

Anyway tonight I had a list… the flooring material (lauan),  the leveling stuff, a vent to divert the air from the floor vent to the bottom of the cabinet, the wood for my last set of between the stud shelves, some paint brushes, a ceiling box for my light, a junction box for that fire hazard of a junction box with all those wires crammed in it, and some other junk I can’t even think of.  I got everything.  It only took me until after 9.  LOL.  Does this look safe to you?  That’s why I am either making the box bigger or splitting the wires and putting half of them in another box.

When I was leaving I discovered I did not get the wood for the floor cut down small enough and it wouldn’t fit in my car.  I asked this man in the loading area where he was off to and he named the street I lived off of.  I asked him if he would not mind helping me out and he said no without any hesitation.  When we unloaded the wood I tried to pay him but he wouldn’t take anything stating that he only went out of his way a mile or two.  LOL Oh gosh.  I guess he lives on the other end of my cross-road. There are still some nice people left in this world!

When I got in the house I decided that I need to move more stuff out the kitchen, which means moving more stuff into  the livingroom, which means packing stuff in the livingroom that I don’t need to go down in the basement or in that storage room I am renting.  I need to cram that sucker full!!  I  sprayed that expanding foam into the hole surrounding the vent  and in the gaps in the floor.  SO now if nothing else, when I go to bed tonight I can honestly say I sealed up the vent hole and patched a floor hole and I won’t go to sleep thinking I got nothing done.  LOL.  I am really tired. I am hoping to make a lot of progress this weekend. The goals:

  • paint
  • put in the between the stud shelving
  • put the trim up
  • put the floor down
  • seal up the vent hole
  • Order my photos from Staples. I saw this photo on pinterest and it peaked my interest.  It had the following caption: ” Staples does over-sized prints called “engineer prints.” The largest size is 3′ x 4′. Guess what – they only cost $4.99!! If this is true, I’m doin it!”   She had this whole project outlined on her blog   (click the photo to check her page).  I loved the idea but I will have to use something different for the frame.  Not that I don’t like her frame, it just doesn’t fit my kitchen.  I went to Staples website and sure enough, she was right.  I read her comments and confirmed it is the engineer prints even though the site says:  Not suitable for photo images.  She also said to make sure you specifically tell them you want black and white or your print can come out   with some strange tint.  I am not getting paid to give you these links but here they are…


I In case you read the original post then you know I updated it with  more projects using the large engineering prints instead of having just the one I had on here before.  Everyone complained the original  looked too hard to do so I found some that look easier. Each photo is a link to the blog it came from with the instructions  I ordered my print last night and it was not $4.99 it was $6.59 plus tax.  Still not bad.

click this sentence to get to the right place on the Staples site… 

I thought of using these photos in my kitchen but not quite so big.  I took three photos and manipulated them into one file.  I thought it would be fun to have my before shots in the kitchen since it is going to be so different:

and a photo of my log cabin.  This is the old door to the kitchen.  Gotta love the little piece of the Studebaker sitting outside showing.

but instead I made a collage of photos… Some of the kitchen, the house and my animals I used to have (goats and chickens)

I think that will look awesome in my kitchen.  Well I better hit the sack.  I have to get up EARLY in the morning and get busy.


Let me know what you think about the prints idea.

3 thoughts on “Plans for the weekend

  1. Love the prints idea!!!! It will be perfect.

    I have a wonderful print of our town showing the tiny house on our property from years ago. The house is long gone but when we were leveling the ground for our new place I picked up as much glass and china bits from the house and cellar as I could find to do a mosaic around the old print I will mount on some thing?? Then the rest of the glass bits added to the sides of the front porch steps.


    • hmmm thats a good idea about the china and glass bits. I will have to get someone to go under the house and seeif they can find anything suitable. (lots of stuff under there)


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