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What a way to wake up

I planned on getting up at 5:30 as usual.  Hmmmph.  This morning I woke up at 5 because I  was having some sort of wild dreams. So I am up now. I have to take my Tylenol before I get started because my hands and feet are swollen as usual.  Well actually my right hand and foot are swelled more than usual.  I might as well go ahead and heat up the paraffin bath now.  Both of them started hurting real bad when I dropped the paint on my foot.  I understand the foot but not the hand.  I did not hit it, not that I can remember.

First item on the list…my last set of shelves


After I said my prayers and asked God to forgive me for all those thoughts I had in my dreams I had to relax for a minute because I am still swollen..Not sure whats going on but this can’t be good.   I was scanning blogs while I was waiting for my swelling to go down.  This is usually the time I leave in the morning for work and by 8 the swelling is usually gone or nearly gone.  I guess I am going to have to work through the pain today…

When you get a chance check my links on the side for Blogs to get you Motivated.  I updated them with more good stuff.  Be careful… you don’t want a handmade looking mess of a house.  I tried to make sure the blogs I included were pretty foolproof. I saw a lot of blogs with projects where I can tell the photo made their mess look decent but I wouldn’t dare put some of that crap in my house.   I would show you some examples  but the blog world is not all that big and I really don’t want to embarrass anyone.

ENOUGH… let me get started!! No pain no gain is gonna apply this morning.


I picked up one of my light globes that I was making and I thought to myself I should go ahead and paint this and put the lights together in case the electrician comes today.  Then I reprimanded myself for not sticking to the plan and I sat the globe down.  In the corner of my mind I said to myself not to put it there but then I said to myself I will move it in a minute.  I cut out the pieces for my shelves

and I grabbed my phone to take a photo.  I went to sit my phone down and tripped and then this happened

O-M-G Now what do I do?  I only had 3 pieces.  and my fixture definitely takes 3 pieces.  SO I either have to cut out the 3rd wire and cap the fixture or find something different to hang in the middle.  I am so disappointed.  People, take it from me…if your mind thinks something bad will happen if you don’t xxxxx and you dont xxxxx, more than likely it will happen.  That was my angel on my shoulder trying to tell me something and I didn’t listen.

Now that’s the real bad news.  More so-so  news is I am almost finished with my shelves.  I actually thought I was finished but again I made a blunder.  You know what they say measure twice cut once.  Okay my idea was to put plates on the top of my left shelf and on my right shelf.  I measured a plate alright but when I went to put in the specific plates just to make sure they fit…they didn’t fit because duhhhh serving platters are bigger than dinner plates.  So now I might as well put in another shelf.  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Stupid mistakes because I am trying to rush and I was too lazy to go out to that stupid storage room to get the plates to make sure.  The good news is the one next to the faux brick wall came out right.  Finally.  I only had to take out that 2nd shelf twice.  It was crooked.  I used braces and a level but as soon as I shot a staple into it the shelf moved and I had to start over.  I won’t be making anything like this any time soon.  Awww shoot.  Just as I typed that I remembered I am supposed to be making a box for my microwave.  MAN!!!  I am tired of shelves.  I wanna paint!!  Okay I guess my break is over with.   I’ll be back.


4:47 PM

Second shelf is  now complete and this looks better.  I took a break and went to check the house next door since no one from the church came over and said they were finished.  First thing I noticed was  the door was unlocked.  I went in and WOW they really got everything….and I mean everything,..

Well  I have a microwave box to make.  and yes I am hemming and hawing because   1- its hot as all get out 2- I am tired of wood working and  3-I wanna paint!!

I am going to go visit the pastor and his wife from the church next door and talk about a few things.


I am still hemming and hawing.  I really do not want to make this microwave box. As I said I am tired of wood working.  I can’t paint anyway because I have to let all the caulking dry first.   I am going to take this 16″ wood I have back to Lowe’s and since my box is going to be 12″ deep I am going to find me a 12″ piece of wood and have them cut it all up for me!  How bout dat.  Then imma come home and nail it all together and call it a frick- fracking ding-dang day!

10:30 PM

Arrgh!  I am getting frustrated.  I measured out my shelves perfectly and had the guy in Lowe’s cut the wood for me and I had a long run left over which I was happy about.  I got it home and once I started putting my box together I did not like the configuration so I changed it and then I realized I asked him to cut 3 pieces at 10″ when it was supposed to be at 12″.  There is no way I can fudge this because the top has to have enough space for my  canisters and the bottom for my microwave.  I did the same thing the other night but I had him cut the boards too long.  That turned out okay because all I had to do was cut off the extra.    I need the whole 12″ for my microwave and I am not making the box smaller and then buying a smaller microwave.  No sir…even though my microwave is black where as everything else in the kitchen, appliance wise, is white.  snowball effect again.  I just screwed up a bunch of wood.  Let me check Walmart’s website…dang gone it

2:06 AM

God forgive me and please let me wake up in time for Sunday School and church.  I know I wasn’t supposed to be working past midnight but I wanted to finish that cabinet.  Something so simple kicked my butt.  I had to walk away from it to think about how I was going to fix this without having to buy any more wood or a new microwave (although the thought was exciting).  I wound up putting a piece of 1×4 on the bottom and cutting an angle on the edge.  Tomorrow (After church) I will sand it and round it off a little.  I know you are thinking as soon as some weight gets on that bad boy its going to drop.  Noooo, I thought of that and when I screw the cabinets together I will put a screw in each piece to relieve it from bearing all the weight.  So tomorrow I still can’t paint.  I have to fix the log wall now.  It is so uneven its crazy.  I had not even thought of checking to see if the wall was level but that explains why my cabinets are crooked.  I  guess I am going to have to put some furring strips on it and shim the furring strips.  That’s crazy but there is no other way!  (I said that as if I thought of that on my own didn’t I?  LOL…Not…it was advice given to me).  Also I forgot about my vent hood.  LOL.  I want this done but I want it done right so I guess its okay to take my time without fining myself.   I am just so sick of not having a kitchen.

And my bathroom sink is clogged now because of me washing my hands with plaster/expanding foam etc on them and killing wasps and the bugs flying thru the door crack attracted to the light and after they die instead of me getting a napkin and getting them out  I try to wash them down the drain, which isn’t working since the drain is clogged… and then there is the hair…that’s always a factor.   I should wash my hands outside from now on.  A long time ago I had this long white thing that looked like it had spikes on it.  You stick it down the drain and pull it back out and out comes all this hair and all sorts of crap.  I believe I brought it at the Dollar Store and I  thought I kept it in the bathroom.  I wonder if my cleaning lady threw it out?  I haven’t seen it in a good long time.  Anyway I will take the pipe off later and get all the gunk out the old fashioned way.  Ewwwl, it looks disgusting!

I am going to sleep now and get my mind right for tomorrow.  Time to immerse myself in prayer till I fall off to sleep.   I wish you could see my bed.  Its crazy the junk I have on it.  I gotta pray for some organization round this joint.  Its driving me craaaaaazy!!  Tomorrow I am stopping work at 6PM and cleaning up.  I can’t take it anymore.

Good night.


4 thoughts on “What a way to wake up

  1. I think I’ve said this twelve times to you—but you are insanely capable. If I did half of those things, I would walk away from the project in frustration.

    That stinks about the globe. As soon as you said you set it down and thought you shouldn’t put it there… I immediately cringed.


    • Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am not sure what to do about the light globe…maybe I need to check my stash of vases and come up with something


  2. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by, and commenting. Girl, I had no clue Bradford pears stink… eeek!!! I planted 3 in the yard too. I guess I’m gonna have some explaining to do when I have company over and they smell the foul odor lol. I hope you got some sleep and feel better today. =)


    • I did not notice it at first but once my supervisor cut some of the white flowers and put them in a vase on my desk. All day I kept smelling something in my office like urine. I was wondering what the heck was going on and then I smelled the flowers. I had to throw them away quickly. After that I started noticing the smell on the trees. Had I not been so up and close and personal with them I probably would have never figured out that was where the smell is coming from. In the tress it is not as strong as on your desk in a small 10×14 office! You probably will be okay as long as you don’t go taking cuttings and giving them to people LOL!!!


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