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Sunday…A day of Rest

I got up early in morning and cleaned up before heading out to church.  I only had about 3 hours of sleep and I am really beat and feeling unmotivated.  I don’t know why I made Sunday my deadline but you know I already relieved myself of that pressure because I realize fining myself everyday was a bit much.  I am already being fined by having to eat out every day. So there, a woman’s prerogative in action once again.

After I got back from church I went to Lowe’s and got the wood cut for my range hood.  It was so hot I could not get motivated to get started, and all I had to do for Christ sake is get the nail gun started up and pop some nails into that bad boy.  Instead I laid down and went to sleep, then got up and read a little.  I had been trying to read this one book for months and according to my kindle I am only 57% complete.  LOL  It is an interesting book but for some reason my mind is just too busy to sit down and read it.

In my defense, I did accomplish one thing.  I scraped all the extra glazing and cleaned up the glazing lines on my two window/doors. They are still not ready for paint because there is a ledge on them that I want to remove and there is still the issue of those rope holes I need to fill.  I will get to that later.  I officially started back to school so God only knows when I am going to have time to work on this kitchen and how much I am going to get done now.  I am so tired of fast food!  And my waist line is too.


2 thoughts on “Sunday…A day of Rest

  1. The last week here has been in the hundreds. I have no idea how anyone can function in this heat. I just want to lie on my veranda (which I do not have) and have people bring me mint juleps. Even watering the plants takes more energy than I can muster.

    What are you reading?


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