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I have to be careful about letting my supervisor see things that I am excited about.  She killed my  excitement over the Knock out Roses and the Crepe Myrtles and the back door with the blind built-in the window and now today she saw a proof copy of my print that I am putting in the kitchen and she looks at it and has all good things to say but then she sees the fake brick wall that I had made in the kitchen and she says “I don’t get it”  I ask her what does she mean? The guy made a brick wall for me but instead of making it red brick he made it in greys.  Admittedly, it was not the colors I asked for and they were much lighter greys than I was expecting and I had to doctor the colors when he finished but whats not to get?  She said….you have a cinderblock looking wall now.  I look at the photo and all of a sudden I see what she sees and I don’t like it anymore either.  Shooooot.  She’s right, now I feel like going in there and knocking the damn thing down.

All week-long I been waiting for today to get busy in my kitchen and now I don’t feel like doing shhhhhhhhhh.  I been off for 3 hours now and I could have gotten a lot of stuff done but instead I went to Wal-Mart and then I been sitting here surfing blogs and writing this post.  PROCRASTINATING!!!  I don’t even want to get started.  I have a headache too.  (I really do).

I better force myself. or it will never get done.


But the good news for you is….I found this at Wal-Mart and if anyone needs all the parts to make a lamp this could be a good buy for you.  You can use the parts to make a floor lamp, table lamp or a hanging lamp…and you see the price right?  $7.97!!:

What did you say?  You have no idea how to make a lamp out of an el-cheapo Walmart lamp? well you take it apart so you can see how its put together and then you use something else for the base and put it back together.  The lamp should have a diagram and instructions on how to put it together right in the box…. you are just using an extra piece.hmmm…still lost?  Comeon..gotta get your creative juices working…check these sites out and see if they inspire you:

Floor lamp out of soda bottles (this one is for the brave crafter)

Pendant lamp inspirations

This girl shows how to make ANYTHING into a lamp.  LOL

If you need step by step instructions you know where to go….no not there silly…Youtube!

And for those who want to buy an engineering print and just frame it (instead of mounting it and making it something unlike anything anyone else has)… I found this frame for you at Big Lots for $8.  Chicken…

9:30 PM

First thing on the agenda was to fill the holes on the window doors.  I went to Wal-Mart to get some wood filler and the price of it was rediculous so I decided to use joint compound instead.  I know what you are going to say cause I thought it but I am feeling cheap and my thoughts were that if it comes out after I put the doors up it will add to the character of the doors and then I will fill it right.  LOL

The holes and gaps were pretty big.


Once I filled them they look like this.  I will leave them over night to dry and tomorrow I will sand them down and they will be ready for paint.  Fingers crossed

Next I decided to go ahead and work on the range hood.  Apparently people in Italy do not work with templates but we do over here.  I had to make my own by first tracing the outline of the back of the vent on a piece of paper and marking out the holes.  Finding this large piece of graph paper was no easy feat but where there is a will I will find a way!


As soon as I hung the template up I immediately spotted a problem.  Now remember I am building a cabinet around the vent.  Do you see what the problem is?

I had no choice but to proceed unless I really do tear down the wall.

I drilled the holes with a tapcon drill bit to go through the cement but I quickly realized this cement was not thick enough and a regular drill bit would have sufficed.  I can bring those tapcon screws back.  YES!

I got me a little workout trying to get this sucker on the wall.  It took me 3 tries trying to lift it on to the screw I pre drilled in the wall and it’s not so light.  I was scared to death of dropping it and bending it all out of shape but I got it up there.  Can you see what the problem is now?  You will soon but Imma have to rig this so the problem wont be a problem.   BTW…I like the bricks again (remember its a woman’s prerogative to change her mind… back and forth if she so desires).  I am so glad I did not take a sledge-hammer to it LOL.   I think they are going to look nice with my Middle Eastern inspired hood cover that I hope to be making tomorrow.   I turned the fan on and ohhhh its so quiet.  There is such a difference with this one from the flat type vent I usually have in my kitchen….then again I haven’t had one for what? 4 years now?  Anything might sound good at this point.


It is now almost 10:00.  I really do not feel well,  I wouldn’t joke about that.  I think my frigging kidneys are acting up on me again…headaches, appendages swelling, bad body aches, cold sweats.  I had no clue what was the matter with me for the last week or so but today I realize it must be my kidneys.  I can tell by a few things and all I know is that  I better go to the doctor tomorrow and get it checked out.  I CAN NOT get sick now.  I guess I will start with the school nurse and see what she says…

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and its also my Momma’s birthday.  Awwwww…RIP Momma.  I been thinking about her so much and I been wishing  she was here supervising my renovation!  Thinking about her could be why I am getting sick.  I say that because I have been extra sensitive lately and moody and I really need to learn how have a good darn cry and get it all out my system instead of holding it in and just welling up with tears every time I think about her.  I feel so bad for my Momma, she left too soon and in such a bad way.  No matter what though…I’ll always love my Momma.  I am also pissed that my sister beat me to her; not because I wanted to die but because Gina died too soon.  It’s supposed to go in order of the oldest child first not next to the youngest first.  Anyway I am going to bed.

Stay tuned! I will make a new punch list tomorrow…there is not that much left to do is there?

4 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. People like that? Evil… But a stupid version of evil. Like, the worst evil they’re capable of is making you feel bad over decorating choices. Which, why does she even care? It cannot possibly matter to her what color you do your wall… so it’s just weird to put it down for no reason.

    This sounds like something my mother would have said to my eight-year old self: is there something she’s jealous of? Usually if you want to take someone down a notch, it’s because you’re jealous, or find them annoying. Maybe she’s both—jealous, and wildly annoyed that you are building your own kitchen the way you want.

    You do have an unusual skill set, and the energy and understanding to handle the project. Is it possible her kitchen is a dark hole in desperate need of remodeling and she has to watch the progress on yours?


  2. Well I think the wall looks fine as it is. I have been know to change my mind on a choice I made and started over. Only saying this to say it is always ok to change your mind. Hoping she does not change it for you though. You can always do some pretty tile on it later if it still bugs you after the rest of the hood and cabinets are up.


  3. No actually she has impeccable taste and I respect it a great deal. I really don’t think she was being mean and I didn’t mean to portray it like that. She does give her honest opinion though, which is why I ask it. She usually makes suggestions that I wind up loving so I was a little worried about the wall at first. Sometimes you can’t show ppl things in progress though because they can’t see your vision early in the game.


    • Ah well, without being there, she sounded unkind…
      Although I still think it’s a little dubious to tell someone after the fact about their brick wall not being to your liking…

      For what it’s worth, if you’re talking about the wall behind your hood, I don’t think it looks like cinderblock. Maybe river rock, or something, but not cinderblock.


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