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Saturday in week what? a zillion?

I went to this website called Restyle Group (see link on the left under blogroll) and what I saw has been on my mind ever since.  She showed different angles of her rooms and demonstrated how her colors played and repeated themselves room to room.  I love her site!  I am not good at colors at all.  NOT AT ALL so  I have studied her styles over and over.  I was thinking of downloading her photos and making copies at Walmart so I can see them better because my laptop is too limiting.  LOL I know that sounds drastic but I need help BAD.  I have a co-worker/friend whose wife is an Interior Designer, but he wants me and her to stay as far away from each other as possible…he thinks I might inspire her to do projects which in turn means she would 1- spend money and then 2- make him do work…. I bet she could help direct me so if you are reading this mister (and you know who you are)…feel guilty!!!

Don’t look at me like that!  LOL

Then there are always those professionals in the yellow pages.  Yeah I don’t think I will be going their route…tooo expensive.  Although I have never called to see how much they cost,  I can only imagine.

So you ask, where is this coming from?  See in the midst of all the confusion I have also been shopping for curtain material for the kitchen.  Yes I am too cheap to buy curtains, and why should I when I have these fabulous sewing machines in the basement being unused…  I sew beautifully BUT 1- I don’t have the time, 2- I hate sewing in here cause I don’t have the room to stretch out and 3- the real major reason I don’t sew that much is because I spend HOURS in the fabric store trying to pick out just the right fabric.  I have this store where all the fabric is $6.49 a yard.  This is all upholstery fabric and if you know anything about upholstery fabric you know you can’t find it for less than $15-25 a yard (unless you are buying it in Walmart, and theirs is usually ugggh but what would you expect for a dollar a yard??).  When you by 10 yards that’s a difference of $65 vs $150-$250.  Yeah, let that sink in a second.  To a poor cat like me, that’s substantial.  They have some beautiful fabric in there too.  Something for every taste.  I should have taken a photo the last time I was in there.

Anyway so that’s whats on my mind.  On the fake bricks I have rust, grey and black and the paint I already brought (which is non returnable) is tan, green and creamy white.  The white is definitely for the upper cabinets.  I was thinking of using the green on the lower cabinets, and inside the between the wall shelves.  I just looked my colors up….I sure hope they look different because they did not look this dark on the samples.

How am I going to tie all this together???

Tiles in the garden window

Valspar La Fonda Boulder .for the walls

Valspar Filoli Ginkgo Tree for the bottom cabinets and inside the exposed cabinets

I can’t show you the beige because  ding-a-ling in Lowes put a pick up sticker on it and now when I try to take the sticker off so are the words to the paint sticker.  I think its called pot of cream.  And more than likely that is the one color I will have to buy more of.

It took me almost an hour to pick out that color.  I know you are probably saying that its white for crying out loud, why would it take you so long to pick out a white?  Do you know how many off whites their are?  I was having a hard time finding one that was creamy, soft, warm and yet matched grey.  And now look, after all that work I don’t even know the name of it.  seech.

The counter top  (actually looking at this photo I think I like the white with the counter top again)

And the brick wall

And don’t even get me started on the chrome on the vent/ stainless steel sink/ ORB light fixtures and trying to pick out the perfect faucet.

Well its 10:30 and I am going to get started.  I woke up late this morning and feeling so bad I almost went to the emergency room.  I am going to drink lots of fluids and work through this.  I have to get my kitchen finished pretty soon.  If I feel worse I promise to stop and go get myself checked out.

Goals for the weekend:

  • fix the crooked wall
  • put the trim up
  • make vent cover
  • paint something…I don’t care what it is something is getting painted this weekend.

I need to put my dog in the kennel for a few days.  He is driving me crazy cause he wants attention and I am sorry Bear but I just don’t have the time to play catch right now and your barking for attention is driving me nutz!

I was frantically trying to find the receipt from Lowes for the paint because if I could not find the name of the paint then I might as well take it back.  In looking through my pocketbook I found the little brochure where I picked the colors from.  The white is called cream in my coffee.  Here is how they looked on the brochure (which I will now be filing in my book)

I can’t tell you what I was thinking with that green cause I really do not like it that much.  IMPULSE BUY.  I think I was thinking the lime green was not going to work and at the time I was hell bent on putting green in my kitchen so this was the next best thing to lime green.  I have to assume that is what was on my mind cause it is if I know me as well as I think I do…

12:30 and I haven’t accomplished Jack except kicking the dog out of the house.  I first got distracted with the paint and trying to find the color of that friggin white.  I finally found it. Then of course I had to take a photo and update before I forget.  Then I said okay let me get busy.  So I go to get my pre-cut wood for my vent and in trying to decipher the pieces I realized ding dong (another Lowes employee) didn’t mark them like I asked and I didn’t check behind him.  So back to my mess of a pocketbook trying to find the paper with all my measurements and  its not there.  OF COURSE.  Its sitting on my desk at work. GREAT.

I guess I will measure it all out again and see if I can figure it out and put it together without managing to make a complete mess of things.  I knew that project was too good to be tru.


3 thoughts on “Saturday in week what? a zillion?

  1. I loathe picking paint colors. I said that to my best friend a few weeks ago, and she kind of chirped—Really? I LOVE picking out paint. And I was like, well good for you.

    I have been back and forth to Home Depot 72 times and bought multiple cases of those small sample colors… all without finding the exact right color I had in mind. The first color we put on the foundation looked fine… until Paul got it ALL painted. Then I hated it. Poor man had to repaint it with a slightly different shade of nearly the same color. I still don’t love it, but was afraid to ask him to do it a third time, since I would NEVER hear the end of it.


    • LOL you are too funny! I am going with the colors I have. I should have went ahead and brought those little $2 sample cans but noooooooo I thought that was a way for them to make extra money so I just bit the bullet. Well that was about 2 months ago and the closer I am getting to painting the more I am loathing the colors but come hell or high water they are going on the wall as planned.


    • and no doubt I will probably be painting again in a few months. LOL. This kitchen has been painted 3 times already and I am sure the 4th is not the charm


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