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Nothing Like a Man Who Makes a House a Home

Those of you who don’t know, I am an Appraiser and I look at houses and place value on them for a living.  I love my job because aside from the challenges in this dry market I get to see how people live.  I see the good, the bad, the ugly and the unbelievable.  I have seen everything from the multimillion dollar mansions on the water with a retaining wall that costs more that 2 of my houses put together to the house put together with liquid nails (I kid you not).

Today I was driving around this mediocre neighborhood.  The houses in it were not so great but there were gems sprinkled in here and there.  I saw this one house and it looked like something from the Sims game.  It was perfect.  So perfect that I passed it a few times just to get a good look at it.  It was a nice big house, with a beee-you-tul-ful porch, beautiful landscaping, big garage and beautiful pool in the back.  The picture does it no justice.

Each time I found one of these houses I looked it up only to  find that it belongs to a Hispanic, probably Mexican.  I made up my mind today I  am marrying a Mexican dammit cause they know how to build up a beautiful home. They got what I need.  LOL

Now I am certainly not racist, especially not against Latinos, so if my statement sounds racist well take it how you want to cause it is what it is,  I said it and I am not taking it back.  They sweat in the hot weather building all these spec homes in subdivisions getting paid hardly anything and now they are taking their skills and using them on their OWN houses.  They are buying these run down stank houses and transforming them into something that some of us (especially me) can only dream of.  I go through these neighborhoods and I can spot their houses right away cause they are the best looking, best maintained, best yard houses around. GOOD FOR THEM!! I have to respect that, and I want it for myself.

I bet this pisses the Republicans off, those who might have taken the time to notice what’s happening (some are so busy hating on the President that they haven’t noticed it yet and by the time they do…whew…it’s gonna be ugly)…all they talk about is sending the Mexicans home cause they are immigrants, forgetting that their butts came over here and STOLE this land from the Indians and now they act like they have rights to it…don’t get me started on that…just help me find my Mexican…


2 thoughts on “Nothing Like a Man Who Makes a House a Home

  1. You can find pretty much anything on the Internet… there is probably a dating website that will match you up with your ideal husband!! Although, YOU have to be even more rare and in demand—a woman who uses power tools and can build a cabinet to box in her range vent? I’m pretty sure that if Paul had known women like that existed, he would NOT have married me!!

    I meant to say to your below post— I love GardenWeb. But some of those people have WAAAAAAAYYY too much money for their kitchen renovations. I’m like, seriously? Are you ALL rich? And if you are, why are you here on the Internet? Go ask your designer!!

    p.s.- your job sounds awesome. Like pure entertainment, seeing as how you love house-stuff.


    • LOL I joke alot about finding a man but truth be told I am not really looking for anyone. I am working on my spiritual self trying to get that right and trust me after being a sailor and working round men for 12 years its not easy. You notice all the frick fracks, ding a lings, shhhhhh’s etc? well that’s code for sailor talk that a Christian lady must knock out and while I am working on that I am also working myself like an Egyptian slave so I don’t lose focus.

      With that being said…I have tried the Internet dating scene and once I finish talking about my kitchen, in between projects, I must tell some of my really funny stories. The dating scene is really weird to me now and when you add the Internet curtain…wow its not like the good old days.

      Believe it or not men find my tomboyish ways to be intimidating. It distracts from their hunter, gatherer, protector mode. I would GLADLY sit back and let him do all that stuff in a heartbeat but it just never works out like that. Seems I always find ppl who really don’t know how to do this or that and I wind up supervising (just trying to be helpful) and they get pissed so I leave them alone then they screw it all up and blame me cause I didn’t let them do their thing from the beginning I take the blame trying to be gracious, they talk about me forever then I take on the next project and they get offended when it comes out right and vow never to do anything again. and I say fine then…you can cook and well…that doesn’t last long cause then they say I made them my b**** . LOLOLOL. Tru story.

      You are right about gardenweb. I love the small house forum. I went in the garden section one time and got ripped apart for not providing a detailed yard layout which I had no idea how to do. I went to another group and they were much more friendly. With my kitchen the folks in the small house group were great. I tried posting in the kitchen forum and again I felt like I got reamed. and yes after I looked at some of their projects I was intimidated to ever ask a question anymore. You are right too much money but they all have basically the same kitchens, just different color walls and different stains on the cabinets. I like the lower budget projects MUCH better. More interesting and livable!!


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