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It Might Not be Much to You but it is to Me!

okay so yes I did work today but soon as I got home I changed into my work clothes and tried to get busy .  I was hell bent on getting some paint on the walls TODAY.

So here is what I got done…and what got done:

Electrician came and wired in the wires for the two pendant lights I am going to make for the kitchen one over the sink (that isn’t there yet) and one over my drop down table…also non existent right now.  Both are ready for my lights!!


and he put in my plug under my drop down table (that I haven’t put in yet):

and the light switches

and I put up the trim on my window (I didn’t caulk the tile edges yet)

And last but not least I painted my range hood box.  Never mind I hadn’t filled in the holes or sanded the sides.  LOL.  I was in such a rush to get some paint up I forgot I hadn’t done this.  NO worries, will do that tomorrow.  And I loooooove this color cream in my coffee.  It looks exactly as it sounds.  Soooooo excited.

I know this may not be much to you but I am starting to feel like I have made some real progress!!

2 thoughts on “It Might Not be Much to You but it is to Me!

    • It isssss the perfect cream.
      its warm and has a hint of brown.
      it also looks different in the day and nite. it is the exact shade I was looking for. Last night I woke up about 2 AM and could not go to sleep for anything in the world. I did what any insomniac would do…I googled my kitchen colors and came upon this blog called Katie Mae House and she used all my colors in different places in her house…Very interesting. Check out her page. I could not see a place to leave comments and it looks like it is all she is going to publish but I loved her site. She inspired me to keep moving forward!


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