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Taking a break from painting!

YES YOU READ IT RIGHT I AM PAINTING!  Well I just painted the insides of my shelves but its color!  I am realizing I stole Momma Goose’s colors.  LOL oops.  It wasn’t intentional I swear it wasn’t.  They are not exact but very close.

I am not sure I am feeling this green.  It is a little different shade than I imagined.  It’s almost like the color of leaves.  That wasn’t what I was going for.  But I have to admit the first strokes of color I HATED it but I said to myself this is one time a woman’s prerogative is not coming into play.  I am not changing my mind on myself.  LOL  So I kept on painting.  As I turned around and checked out the paint that dried I started liking it.  I always hate wet paint anyway.  hmmm. I am using hate an awful lot on this blog, and that word hardly ever comes out of my mouth in “real live” conversation.

So here is a sneak peek of my wet paint.  Did I mention I love this Valspar paint with primer?  I always always always prime first paint second so my colors can come out true and rich.  I decided to try this paint with primer in it and I just knew in the back of my mind that I was going to wind up putting 2-3 coats on.  Nope.  It is coming out perfect.  If I have paint holidays I will put on a second coat but that will be the only reason.

These windows are the doors for my shelves (above).    When putting on theinitial coat of paint I let the paint overlap on the glass because I can scrape the paint off the glass and that should make a nice crisp line.  I plan on putting the cream color on top then applying crackle glaze on top of that so that the cream will crack and expose the green underneath.  I never tried that before but they had this crackle glaze on clearance for $1.99 in Lowes so what the hay…it can’t hurt.  And no, your eyes are not deceiving you…I still haven’t put drywall on this wall yet…its coming tonight!!  Remember the electrician just finished doing his thang on that wall.

I also put on my rosewood pieces on my range hood.  I had to do a little patching on the front piece so I am not showing you that yet.  Oh yes… I have been busy since I got off work today!

Okay I have to go now.  I washed the green out of my brushes and now I gotta see about putting up some tan.  As my baby Arnold Schwarzenegger would say…I’ll be back!


I am done for the night.  I went to put the drywall up and all I have are small pieces left and I refuse to buy any more drywall.  So here come the jackleg shortcuts LOL.  welllll its my kitchen.  I can do that.  I promise to sand till the wall is as smooth as a baby’s botttom and hopefully no one will be the wiser.

okay so here is the photo and the problems are marked out:

1-  There are a total of 5 junction boxes.  NO, I did not make a mistake…count them.  5 FRICK FRACKING junction boxes.  Who does that??  By code the junction boxes are supposed to be accessible meaning if I put dry wall up I have to put in access panels so you can get to the junction boxes if need be.  Its so tempting to cover them up and call it a day but I will not do that since I will be living here for a while (I hope).  The first electrician was going to run the wires up in the attic but he wound up not doing the job (remember he is the one that changed the price after he stood me up and then wanted to work nights…yeah uhhh huh).  The guy who originally did the wiring was not about to go up in the attic and I guess he did not think to run the wires in the basement.  By the time I saw what he did it was too late.  All I could do is put in a stop order and hire a professional, which is what I should have done for the electricity in the first place.  I tried to but then I lost patience in finding one and I took a chance on an amateur and I lost out.  As of yesterday, between the handyman and the electrician, I  paid way over what the original electrician would have charged me and I still have to get the second guy to come back one more time to fix the wiring in the basement.  ummm mmmm mmmm..  The electrician that I  wound up hiring  said he did not even want to touch this mess but he felt sorry for me.  I usually don’t want people feeling sorry for me but this time that was a blessing because I was at wits end not knowing what to do.  Sure I blew off steam blogging about it but that didn’t get the wiring done.  It would have been nice if it did though LOL.

SHOCKER…..the access panels in Lowes cost $10 EACH.  Yes you heard me $10.  That would equate to $50 in panels.  That’s ludicrous and I am not talking about the rapper!!

How ridiculous would 5 access panels in that small wall look with a plug and a light switch also?    So here is my solution.  I am going to put up a wood panel over boxes 1,2,and 3 that would be able to come off.  I am going to paint it like the wall and cover it with my huge photo I got from Staples (yessss I ordered it already).  I am not sure how that is going to look but its worth trying out and seeing vs putting in all those access panels or illegally and dangerously hiding them under sheetrock!!  My fold up table is going on the bottom part of the wall soooooo I will go ahead and put in two access panels down there.  The table will cover them.

2- Second problem.  I am getting tired so I did not even think about having the drywall end on a stud.  I did put a stud under the right side of the panel because 1- that is where my wood and drywall will meet and 2 because I put the wires behind the stud so that part of the wall does not have to be a “no nail” zone.

I am going to bed now.  I don’t want to make any dumb mistakes and plus I am really tired to boot.  I have to be up super early to put in a 11 hour day (including travel time) that I am only get paid 7.5 hours for.  😦  but I am grateful to be working so I guess I will deal with it over a cup of coffee or two and a frick-frackin smile on my frick-fracking face.  I am going to shut the front door and go to sleep now.  Good nite!

4 thoughts on “Taking a break from painting!

  1. I actually really love the green… like you said, you can never judge it accurately while it’s wet. I’m assuming you’ll go lighter with the walls, and that will be a really lovely contrast. That tall shelving unit is great. Is that a pantry area? Or something else?

    I got a headache just thinking about your electricity! Let alone you having to tape and spackle multiple small pieces of sheetrock. I can learn a lot from you about being frugal. When I weigh money vs. frustration… I never decide to do it the hard way!!


    • Thank you. The green is starting to grow on me. I went over the color scheme on the next post, inspired by your question. 🙂

      That tall shelving is a shelf in the wall next to my stove for my cooking oil and spices and such. I am thinking I might have to put a door on that baby. Not sure yet. We will see how it plays out.

      Trust me…if I didn’t have to be frugal I wouldn’t be. This is something I have not had to deal with in a very long time. I am so paranoid about spending too much and then an emergency coming up that I can’t handle on my own. I have no one to rely on so if I needed someone to float me some money I would be stuck like Chuck. I admit its crazy how I panic over a few dollars though. Sometimes later I think to myself that did not even make sense to be fretting over $5. That won’t kill me I am sure. LOL!
      Is that frugal or is that cheap or is that paranoid?


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