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Not Killing Myself This Weekend!!

Okay so its time to get to work.  I asked a friend to help me this weekend but they are spending the weekend having fun at the beach.  I can understand that I mean who in their right mind wants to spend their summer helping me fix up my raggedy old house?  Well today I decided I am not going to let this kitchen kill my summer either. I will work on it but I am definitely going to cut out some “me” time also.  Actually I am thinking whatever I don’t get done by next weekend I am paying someone to do so I can be done with this mess.  Its not an awful lot left so it shouldn’t be too expensive.  So here is the plan.  Tonight I am working until I finish this list then I am taking the rest of the weekend off.  Its raining here so I am not sure what I am going to do but I will be doing SOMETHING.

Punch list for tonight:

Finish putting up the drywall
Use the 45 minute drywall mud
let dry and sand
paint the top and bottom of the wall
maybe put up some trim…maybe (definitely not messing with the crown molding.  My ceilings are so messed up (uneven) I have to hire someone for that!!

Note on my colors that I will be using.  I got this brochure

Colors left to right:

LaFonda Boulder, Cream in my Coffee, Chocolate Turtle//Humboldt Earth, Filoli Ginkgo Tree, Sandy Cove//Winter Delta, Churchill Hotel Wheat, LaFonda Sombrero

I noticed that some of the colors are the same colors I have in the house already (or some similar variation).  I know I know they are all neutrals and neutrals are boring.  I think I clarified I am just not good with colors so my best bet is to stay safe and stick to one theme.  So in conclusion I will be using these colors and only these colors on my walls throughout the rest of my rehabbing.

LaFonda Boulder– walls (top half)
Cream in my Coffee– cabinet fronts, crown molding, ceiling, chair rail
Filoli Ginkgo Tree– inside of cabinets, in the wall doors base (cream in my coffee on top then crackle glazing on top of that), walls below chair rail, basement door
Oil rubbed bronze– light fixtures bases, trim on range hood, cabinet hardware
white– appliances

I hope I am happy with the results, I swear I do.
12:21 AM
This is gonna be a long nite…I see that now… I just got the drywall put up and mudded.

the bad news is I used the kind I had to mix and I couldn’t get the consistency right and I am not sure how that is going to effect things

the good news is I found some big pieces of drywall so I only had to put 5 pieces up.

the bad news is I put one piece on the bottom and forgot to mark the opening for  junction box #5  so I left it covered.  It was only one wire, I think it will be fine.

the good news is the walls are almost dry.

the bad news is I haven’t eaten since lunch and I am starving to death.  I have to ignore it.



I hope I don’t fall asleep waiting for the walls to dry.

2:23 AM

45 minutes my behind!!  That mud is still wet.  I am pissed.  Well really I could have used this time to clean up the mess in the kitchen but noooooo I used the time to catch up on Facebook and reading blogs.

Here is the last look at that wall.  I am not quite sure how that panel idea is going to work out.  I put the photo on the wall and it covers a good deal of it.  Well actually most of it except a piece at the top. We will see.

I caulked my window and dang gone it I got some black something on it.  I washed most of it off but a very small piece remains.  OF COURSE.

Still starving.  I ate some nuts but that didn’t do Jack.  I have something to do tomorrow afternoon so my goal now is to get up early work on the kitchen till it is time to shower and leave.  Then I am done.  All I might do is clean the joint up.  THAT’S IT!!

All the plaster on my body is dry.  LOL  I am bout to take a shower and hit the sack.  Check me later.


5 thoughts on “Not Killing Myself This Weekend!!

  1. I have Churchill Hotel Wheat in my bathroom (below the chair rail) I love that color.

    Enjoy your weekend! I was off today and I painted the built in bookcases beside my fireplace. I’ve been wanting to re-paint them for 6 years because the paint looked bad. I’m glad I FINALLY did it!


  2. OMG! Have you seen the picture frame that turns into a table on Pinterest? Here’s the link, hopefully it works. Too cute.


  3. I like that color as well. I have a color very similar to it in my bedroom. I am glad you finally painted your bookcases… 6 years? LOL thats too funny.

    I am trying to think of a design to do on my table also. Mine is going to flip up instead of down. I hope that works out.


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