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Reflections…Lessons Learned

I woke up bright and early.  Not as early as I had been getting up BUT I went to sleep late so what could I expect?  First thing I went to tackle is that drywall.  O-M-G I am so tired of drywall it’s not funny.  Right now as I sit here typing I am realizing I am going to have a mess to clean up.  A major one!

Also my when my ex and I broke up we divided our tools.  That’s so funny.  Some people fight over who gets the dog, we literally fought over who gets the workhorse.  LOL.  He took the tools he came with and the ones he brought.  Not a problem.  Not until I go to do something and go looking where I remember seeing it last and then realize he has it.  Some things I replaced, some I didn’t…either too cheap, figured I could compromise and/or sometimes I bit the bullet…no choice but to replace.

With the kitchen job there are some things I wished I replaced (after the fact)

Wide taping knife (makes sanding so much easier) About $8…yeah I was being cheap

Round sander…In my defense I did look for this because I do love them so but I couldn’t find one. I think they have to be purchased online.  About $35

Mud pan..plastic ones cost a little less but I really like the metal ones.  About $14.


Lessons learned:

I been mixing my drywall mud in a bowl.  They make a rectangular trough on purpose.  See its a little case of common sense I did not apply here.  The sides of the trough are flat, the putty knife edge is flat, the bowl sides are round. This was a very frustrating experience.

Don’t use a putty knife unless you like sanding for days.  They make joint knives for this purpose.  If you do not want to do a lot of unnecessary sanding here is what you DON’T want to use.

Get some plastic and tape off each doorway.  I have drywall dust all over my house.  In my carpet, on my bed, on my walls, on my windows, up my nose…EVERYWHERE.  Taping off the rooms at least contains the dust.  Duhhh.  I knew this…I was being lazy, which in turn created a lot more work

I am finished for the morning.  I do have something to do at church today.  I said I was not going to work after that but I changed my mind.  When I got in the kitchen this morning and started sanding I saw several places I need to put some more mud so  I remudded some areas after I finished sanding them down.  I am getting so close now so when I get back I HAVE to do some more.  I really, really want to see some paint on my walls today, or sometime this weekend.  Okay check me later…gotta take a shower and get dressed.


3:52 PM

I went to my favorite store where I brought my cabinets.  I had a problem with one of the cabinets he sold me and I changed my mind about the tile.  Okay so here is the inside of the cabinet he sold me  FOr some reason I did not take a photo of the inside shelf but it is pathetically thin.  I was thinking how in the holy heck would I be able to put dishes on that thing without the shelf breaking.

I went back to the store and looked at the display because quite honestly I did not remember the inside looking so flimsy.  Here is the inside of the store display:

Big difference wouldn’t you say?  He gave me another shelf.  I guess I am going to have to doctor the inside of my cabinet.  See?  That’s another effect of trying to save money. I would have been really mad about that BUT Randy has been so great helping me with advice on my projects and he has REALLY taught me a lot in my little shopping sessions.  I can’t get mad.  I will just fix what I have and lesson learned…don’t go for  cheap all the time.

Okay so when I purchased my cabinets a few weeks ago I  also brought some white-ish vinyl tile.  I no longer like it.  I was going to trade if for ceramic tile but I brought all that luaun for the subfloor that I can not use with the ceramic time PLUS I am not 100% sure the floor could support all that weight of real tiles PLUS it would raise the floor another inch and make me that much closer to the ceiling in my 7′ high kitchen.  The more I thought about it the more unappealing it was sounding.

I hate having to make a decision.  I knew the white-ish vinyl was not going to work for me.  Not at all.  The ceramic tile was just not practical.  I walked around the store while I mulled it over in my head.  Then I saw these vinyl planks.  I loved them.  I was going to get the light cherry colored ones but the darker seemed to look better with my colors (yes I had my color swatches with me).  The photo of the floor is not my floor (obviously) it is one I found online but it is the same floor I brought.  That looks like wood doesn’t it?  When I look at my color swatch brochure that is the color floor they used.  That’s it…I exchanged the white for these.  I think I am going to be happy with them!

Then I went down the street to Harbor Freight.  I got the right taping knife since I have to put yet another coat of mud up and I plan to do some other rooms, I got the metal mud pan,  some sliding furniture pads so when I move my cabinets around the kitchen I won’t mess anything up, an extender drill bit for my drill, a new miter box since I can’t find mine,  hmmmm what else…some screws, and that’s about it.

I went to Arbys and got me a chicken bacon ranch sandwich.  ummm ummm ummm it was some kindda good.  I am sitting here resting a minute while my food digests and then I am going to get started.

Check me later…


3 thoughts on “Reflections…Lessons Learned

  1. Sounds like good progress. I know about all of those tools. Does make a yucky job a whole lot easier.

    Did not have time to comment on your paint project from an earlier post. I thought it looked good.

    I am buried myself under city work right now. I understand your need to get away. Enjoy your church day. Put on some music and crank it up when the going gets ruff in the kitchen. Always seems to help me.

    You are doing great.



  2. Thanks. The color is growing on me and I realized I have it some other places in my house like in my bathroom as a rubbermaid drawer system. That was weird realizing I had something else that color, that I see every single day and did not even remember. LOL

    I am only going to church for a little while. Have something to do there to prepare for tomorrow. When I get back I do need to get some music going in here. Probably would get me working harder.


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