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Letter to Cricut

Dear Customer Service,
I never heard of a company whose main goal is to rip people off.  I brought the cricut machine and no where on the Internet or on your site or on the box or on the infomercials does it tell you how frick fracking expensive it is to use the darn thing,  It comes with an ugly cartridge and no paper.  I had to buy the vinyl and transfer paper at a whopping cost.  You can’t use any store coupons on it and its NEVER on sale.

The instructions on using it were spotty so I basically wasted a whole roll of vinyl trying to space and get two lines of print right.  Then I used it and applied it crooked.  UGGGGGGH.  I don’t have the fonts I want even though I have purchased several cartridges… only because they were on clearance…from stores who decided to not carry your product any longer.  When Walmart gives up, something is wrong buddy.  So now I have this machine I invested well over $300 on sitting in my office collecting dust.

Now fast forward to the internet and I find SCAL and Make the Cut software which is no longer available in a version compatible with cricut unless you are willing to spend $300 on a bootleg version of $50 software.  Why is it no longer available to use on cricut?  Because you sued them and blocked them that’s why.  What kind of nasty underhanded crap is that?  Their software is compatible with all the other machines out there but yours.  If I buy a sewing machine I can use any thread or any needle or whatever.  No one who is honest will do what you did.  That was just greedy.


I HATE CRICUT FOR FRUSTRATING ME LIKE THIS AND MAKING ME WASTE MY MONEY.  HERE IT IS SUNDAY MORNING I surfed sites and saw projects I want to do and now I am MAD AS HECK BECAUSE I CAN’T.  GOING TO CHURCH TO PRAY.  Maybe God will show me a way to use this dust collector and my money was not just thrown down the toilet…

A City Girl

Yes I really did send that because I want to do this in my bathroom:

I am getting dressed now.  I am going to be late.

The story behind my Cricut and then maybe you will know why I am so frustrated:

I stayed up one night and saw the infomercil on the Cricut.  I had never heard of anything like it and I thought it was the only one of its kind.  I didn’t know there are a slew of them out there.  I wanted this Cricut and I wanted it bad. Each year I would ask my ex to buy it for me for Christmas and each year he would ask “Are you really sure this is what you want and will you use it?” and each year I would change my mind and get something else only because it was so expensive and even though I would use it I would not use it that much.

I had an electrician come over and he saw my bathroom wall.

He asked me how I put the words on the wall like that and I told him I brought it from online and it is kind of pricey BUT there is a machine that does it and anyone can do it themselves.  He asked me about it and I told him its called the Cricut machine.  Okay so about 6 months later he calls me on the phone to ask me if I still wanted one of those Cricut machines and I said yes.  He told me he found it on clearance sale at Krogers (Supermarket) of all places.  He asked me if I was going to get one and I said yes.  I went up to the store and he was walking out with 4 Cricuts and he left one in there for me.  LOL.  I brought it and 2 cartridges.  They were a few dollars but they were a Christmas and a Thanksgiving cartridge.  When I got home I was all excited and when I went in to check it no…no vinyl or paper in it.  I went to Michael’s and the vinyl was something like $14 a roll and the release paper was $ 10 a roll and extra cartridges were about $60 to over a hundred each!  I walked out without buying anything thinking I would wait till it went on sale. Over time I would see cartridges go on sale for like $29…usually closeouts.  I would buy them but they were never anything good and now I still don’t have any I REALLY want.

Two years later and never saw the vinyl or release paper go on sale.  I wanted to make a little sticker for my car so I brought some vinyl and as I said in the email to them I used most of it up trying to do 2 little lines and then when I put it on my car it wasn’t even straight.

Okay so without boring you with any more details… remember me telling you about the snowball effect of the back door, the wasps coming in, wasps in the bathroom?  Well in trying to kill the wasps I sprayed all over the bathroom from the hallway.  When I later tried to clean the spray off the walls the Walmart paint I used in there was coming off too and the streaks are still in the paint.  No way to salvage letters once they are up.  They have to come down and the bathroom needs to be painted with some good paint.

NOW I do not want to buy the words again I want to put my own words up.

I pray for unconditional Love, Peace in my soul and Freedom.  I ask God to only give me what I am worth and to watch over me, my family and friends. In return I promise to always be my best, to give only from my heart, to love truly and deeply and to always keep it real. When the devil knocks me down I ask God to help me back up, dust me off, let me accept me for who I am and keep my life moving..
I don’t need to understand, I can’t explain everything, and I won’t make excuses…
I just Pray, keep Faith and have Hope that each time fall I get up stronger, wiser and better than I was before…

I got a quote for someone to make it for me…….. $75.  Huhhh? Not a chance.  Especially since I have my own machine so this morning I  was checking out the software that lets you use the fonts in your computer and they use the best layout for the letters (less waste).  The software cost about $50 but clearly says will no longer work in Cricut.  Then I read the lawsuit which just happened last year.  I believe the software was available until last March.  GREAT!  arrrgh.  Reading the comments after the article I am not the only unhappy person with Provo Craft.

On the blogs I been reading a lot of people raving over the silhouette machine.  I wish I would have went that route.

IF ANY OF MY READERS BUYS A CRICUT AFTER THIS REVIEW PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW THAT WORKS FOR YOU SO I CAN SAY I TOLD YOU SO.  (If anyone has something different please respond with a short review of it in the comments…thanks)

Now you are probably wondering what you can use a die cut machine for.  Here are some things

labels…click the photo to get the instructions

(these photos came off the Silhouette site):

scrapbook pages


wall words

door words

etched glass

temporary tattoos

and the list goes on and on… see more here at Pinterest

Now you see why I wanted this thing so bad and why having it collect dust upsets me so?

5 thoughts on “Letter to Cricut

  1. That is a real bummer. Never even knew there was a machine like this but for sure would not buy a Cricut after your review. Sorry it has given you so much trouble. If you can do tags on your blog tag the heck out of this one so others considering a Cricut will read your report of it.


  2. I’m so sorry you’ve had such bad luck with the Cricut. In all honesty, these exact reasons are why I never even considered buying one. Maybe you could sell it on eBay??

    I wanted to drop by and let you know that I put up an entirely new post answering the questions that you and many others have had about my Harry Potter Script Wall.

    Feel free to come check it out when you have a chance.

    ~ Jeannine


  3. Shades: thanks. I updated the post and mentioned the company name many many times in it and also tagged it. LOL. I wonder what they will write back…if anything
    Jeannine- You make me jealous LOL. If you ever do a review post on your Silhouette please let me know so I can share it on my blog as well. I might have to get me one for Christmas this year…or at least put it on my list.


  4. Listen that internet information can hurt a company. I made Fleetwood manufactured homes jump through hoops by bad reports about our newly built home. They did not think I could get the word out until I showed them how many times a day my posts were read on one website. THEN they decided they were going to make me happy and fix all the mistakes they made. That site is City-Data by the way and I am sure there is a craft section you can dump your information into to warn others of the troubles you have been having. I just hate it when some thing so spendy does not even work.


    • I am going to wait and see how they respond. Sometimes their nonchalant responses builds a case against them. I think I might give this machine to my daughter. She can probably use all the cartridges I have now.


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