painting has started

I was determined I was NOT going to bed without getting some paint up on these walls I did not care how long it took me!

I am going to bed now but a sneak peak for ya.  remember the paint is still wet so it is not going to look even

a couppla hours ago…


a couppla hours ago


Horrifying thought:  Suppose my kitchen looks like army colors…camouflage.  ewwwwl I sure hope not!

I have to dedicate a couple of days to school.  Hopefully I will be back soon…

4 thoughts on “painting has started

  1. No camoflage!! It looks great!! I really like the green.
    I see you found time to tinker with your theme… along with all your other projects! I do not know how you do it!

    I keep meaning to ask you… you’re self-hosting on wordpress? Right? How is it? Did you have prior experience?


    • Thank you. I don’t know how I do it either quite frankly. I think I am addicted to the computer. I can think of worse things to be addicted to though so I am not going to sweat it. If I leave this blog alone I most likely would be able to finish the kitchen!! I have another blog on the free wordpress site but I hardly ever update it anymore. Its one of those crazy relationship blogs that I only write on when I have men problems. You know when they frustrate you up to your eyeballs doing stupid men crap and you don’t really want to share that mess with anyone you actually know because you are embarrassed to let anyone know you are actually putting up with that crap and yet not ready to let go so you vent on the blog vs dying of ulcers and stress? You probably don’t know about that (be thankful for that cause its not a happy place). Anyway It must have been pretty good because it was a WordPress featured blog for a while. But I can only share that with total absolute strangers. If anyone I know reads it I have to kill them…that’s the top secret creed LOL. I went through great lengths to make sure it would never be connected with me. Since I am not in a relationship with a total dog anyone I don’t need to vent right now…although I can think of a few things to talk about in the dating scene but really I can sum it all up in a sentence…the pickings are slim out there, and I don’t mean slim literally cause most of them are out of shape…including me now that I think about it. And I am not looking for a male fixer upper…no, no, and heck no…I will stick to fixing up houses. If they are my age and still need to be fixed up….ain’t gonna happen. And I hope to never be in that place again ever in life. I will stay single forever before I fall into that trap again. I think I got off subject here. What was the question again? Oh yeah…”How is it?” SO SO…I am a newby at this. The self hosting is way different than the free. They have better themes (which is why I switched) but I think free is easier to use and has better options. I changed my theme once again because I am having performance issues….they are just not performing like I want them to so I am leaving them and trying new ones till I find what I want. Heee heee hee that was a funny play on words…I did it on purpose…just to get a grin.


  2. Your rant made me laugh and laugh and laugh… Plus? ALL women know the crazy-making aggravation of being with someone wrong for them. Even if I am not experiencing it now? There is NO way I could ever forget what it was like. LOL.

    I would like to self-host. There are widgets and stuff that I see on other blogs that I’d love to use… but gosh, having wordpress host it FOR you. Is so easy, I’ve been lazy about trying to learn any of it myself.


    • I enjoy hearing people say they enjoy my blog and I appreciate you expressing it to me. Some people can enjoy something but would NEVER tell you…you know who I am talking about…haters. They cling to your every word and stalk you then have the nerve to NEVER even admit to reading the darn thing but let you skip a few days all of a sudden they ask you about it. ummmm hmmmm.

      Your writing is very funny as well. I also like to read Cape Cod Dreams and Drink,Lei Down, Pass Out blogs as well (see their links on the right). OMG you three are hilarious. I feel like I have to keep up. LOL.

      I wish everything on my new site worked like it did on wordpress.com (self hosting is on .org). I am not sure if they are different entities or not. They act like enemies because they are so uncoordinated, or maybe they are punishing me for not hosting with them? I dunno but I think that was the biggest shock. I also saw some plug ins I wanted and now that I switched I can not remember for nothing what they were. I even found the perfect notebook theme but now that I can use it I can not find it either (and the bad part is that I think I even downloaded it to my computer). I can’t even remember what it looks like anymore LOL…Alhzheimers strikes again.

      Also remember if you want a redirect from your old blog to the new wordpress will not redirect for free. bummer. And you know me….I’m not paying! They can find me the best way they can. LOL


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