between the studs shelf / kitchen / renovations

Let the Pics Speak for themselves…

Use Styrofoam to spray paint  brackets (and knobs).  you can stick a nail in the mounting hole to hold it in place and then you can spray all sides that will be exposed!  I am a friggin genius LOL

I love the look of smooth sanded wood but this shelf has to be painted

took me an hour to find my miter box  …it was on the couch  😦

Quarter round put up.  Uggggh I suck at cutting quarter round with mitered corners.  Everything is so dusty it looks weird in the photos.  That quarter round is going to be painted green to match the shelves.  The caulking has to dry before I paint it though.

Window frame is all in place as well

All in all I did not waste too much trim trying to get those miters right

The chair rail is in place on one wall only.  I have to adjust my paint line because I changed where the chair rail was going to be.  I also ran out of nails for my nail gun so I took that as a clue to stop work.





6 thoughts on “Let the Pics Speak for themselves…

  1. Looks good. Great idea on the Styrofoam for painting. How are you going to close up the space at the ceiling? Curious minds.


  2. Well Ms. Jay it is coming together!! You work like I do, you can’t wait to put the finishing touches even when it’s not nearly finished (putting up the shelf). I would SO do that too. 🙂

    Yep, I would also spray foam at the ceiling (can’t have too much insulation!)

    Keep the pictures coming!


  3. Okay. Seriously. What do you do for fun? Run marathons? Fight fires? Because you are tearing through this like a madwoman. I need to stop any project after a couple hours (which makes my husband crazy,) and read a book. A full week of projects leaves me reeling and needing to sleep for twelve hours. But somehow you are still going…


    • I write for fun. LOL. I HAVE to get this done pretty soon because I have other projects to start. I have to finish this quick, before I forget what the other projects are. Seriously. I am getting forgetful something bad.

      This kitchen crap has been going on for a few weeks. If I had a hubby I would be slipping off into the bedroom and cozying up to a good book also. Instead I am working like an Egyptian slave and sleeping with my tools. Literally. LOL


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