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Scenes From My wreck of a House

You know I haven’t gotten my door fixed just yet and so bugs think this is the new hotel round here and they must think I am offering a free promotion.  Bugs are dying to get in here.  LOL.

What in the heck is this??  Super Fly??

This is my topsy turvey planter. I was so happy when I saw this thing on sale! I brought it and immediately filled it with soil and planted some tomatoes in it.  I was in the nursery for an hour trying to pick out the best smallish sweet friggin tomatoes.  Who knew there were so many different kinds?  Not a week after I planted it and got it situated in just the right spot had a bird moved in it and built a nest. I didn’t have the heart to disturb it so I let it go.  I couldn’t water my plant cause it would drown the baby birds so it died.  The next year the bird came back and I figured what the hay, I just let it be.  This year the thing all of a sudden started falling apart. I gotta get this thing down!  I am afraid to touch it cause it looks like there is a snake tunnel in it.


My Chicken coop where the door needs repairing.  No chickens after the big slaughter from my neighbors dog, the fox and God only knows what else.  Poor Lucy and Ethel and all the rest!!  Now the thing is filling up with weeds.  Probably another snake haven now.

The skyscraper height tree I had cut down and I told the guy to leve this height cause I was going to have a totem pole built out of it but then the darn thing started growing back!!  what da??  That was NOT supposed to happen!!

Drywall that got wet and I have no idea how I am going to get out of my yard and also the back door that I want to make something out of…maybe a potting bench?  I also have cement in the boxes.  I guess little at a time.

I will be so happy to have my porch back!  Tools and supplies everywhere.  Danger Zone

The livingroom…wow dust and tools and papers and cabinets and dust and tools.  OMG How am I gonna get this cleaned up??

the kitchen…dust, tools, cabinets, supplies, and no gas

and Bear trying his best to stay outta my way.  He actually barks his head off till I put him outside in his kennel.  Too messy even for him.  LOL

I better get busy I don’t know how much longer I can take this…



4 thoughts on “Scenes From My wreck of a House

  1. Break up the sheetrock into small bits. It is good for the soil. Helps break up clay. Spread it around and cover it in a layer of mulch and forget about it. It will leave you in a few years.

    The chicken coop is cute. Sorry about the feathered friends. I had to shoot a skunk for terrorism. We did not live in the city then.

    Some times a day spent just cleaning up really makes a difference in being able to find things easier making your progress go faster. When we were building I did a sweep down and tool pick up every evening. but I am kind of anal about that. I also do the same in my studio. Maybe not as often as I should. I can show you horror pictures of that room.

    You are doing great. It will all come together. Took me a month to do a kitchen once and I did not even tear out the cabinets.


  2. I put them together but then I wind up pulling them all out again. LOL Thanks for the sheetrock tip. Lord knows I have a lot of clay here. In fact I have an ares I need to build up. I think I will go ahead and dump the sheetrock there and cover with some top soil. Would have never thought of that. Thank you.


  3. Love it! Nothing better to wake up with a bunch of tools staring you in the face….think of the possibilities! Keep up the great work.


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