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I can no longer ignore the log wall.  It’s the surprise wall because you will not be able to see it until you move around the fridge but the wall has problems I been trying to figure out how to solve. Behind the counter I put the drywall to meet the bottom of the stone wall.  Unfortunately it does not meet the logs on this wall and there is a 2″ gap.  If I raise the drywall it will cover too much of the logs and it loses its effect and if I lower the wall it will be too close to the counter.  I had to figure out a way to close the gap without it looking  like crap.

I don’t know if I told you or not but the bag of Portland Cement is heavy as heck.  75 lbs to be exact and I can not lift it.  I only needed a shovel full out of the bag the first time I fixed the logs and since I could not get the bag out of my trunk, there it stayed all this time.  It is in a cement mixing bucket.  I opened the bag and got another shovelful and mixed it with 3 shovels of sand and 4 shovels of lime.

A few weeks ago I sat my garbage can from the kitchen outside and with all this rain it filled up with water and is now basically a mosquito resort so when I went out there to mix up my chinking they attacked me full force.  I must have gotten bit 100 times.  No lie.  And that’s my excuse for my chinking being a little loose I was concentrating on killing the blood suckers rather than how much water I was adding to my mix.  It’s supposed to be the consistency of peanut butter.  And if you notice it looks like I poured out some in the corner…yeah that happened when a group of mosquitoes landed on me and I jumped and spilled the chinking on my mulch…hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…and if you happen to notice that it looks spilled in two corners that’s because when I got to the porch the bucket was too heavy and I ALMOST spilled again but I didn’t.  I did get a good bit on me though :-0

I used my dustpan to get the chinking from the pan to the wall. When I got near the end of the run I heard what sounded like shuffling near the floor and I thought what the heck???  You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t hearing a snake slithering in the wall so I put a lot of chinking before I realized it was dripping through the logs LOL.  I had to put tissue in there to stop it from dripping then I put the chink on top of the tissue.  That worked.

That was pretty easy.

Now for the edge…I used this corner edging  cut to size.  I nailed it in place with 2″ brad nails (via my nail gun).

I know you are thinking those nails are way too long.  My reasoning for that was the nails would go through to the wet chinking and when it dries it will reinforce the chinking.  I told you I am a freaking genius…either that or a nut case.  LOL

Once I put the edging in place i could clearly see where the filled in areas were uneven.

The edge served as a support for the chinking so I filled it all in and bam now I have a small shelf on my counter! PERFECT…I am going to paint it all white…no…I am going to paint it “cream in my coffee”

I get to wear the button today…

that was easy

Now what I need to figure out is how to close the corner





3 thoughts on “Back to the Logs

  1. I just love the way you renovate! Somehow, someway you get it done. Great job! Now, if I could only talk you into using drywall corner bead on the wall / ceiling juncture.


  2. Do you think I really need it if I am going to be using crown? As you probably guess I was avoiding that….hhhhhhhhhh I know you are right though…daggone it


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