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Did I say 2 Steps Backward?

9:15 AM

Silly me in thinking this was only going to be 2 steps backward.  I started work at 7:40 this morning.  Not exactly the crack of dawn as I said. Right now it is less than 2 hours later and I got all the drywall down, the cabinets down, the rangehood box dismantled, and all the screws taken out so I am doing good.

I got some of the big stuff out my way…all that I could without help or tearing my crap up. I covered everything up without having to make a trip to the store this morning when I remembered that Home Depot gave me some plastic (for free) I used it and an old shower curtain (yeah sometimes its good to hoard LOL).

The very fist piece of drywall was near the wall and soon as I tugged on it to loosen it from the screws this fell out the ceiling.

Now is this coming from the roof?  What should I be deducting from this??  God only knows what I am going to find once I get this ceiling off.  Pleeeeeze don’t let anything creepy fall on me!!

The drywall came down in sheets.  The first sheet fell on my fan and twisted one of the legs a bit.  Its cheap so I am sure with a pair of pliers I will be able to get it back in place.  I didn’t expect it to fall in that large of a piece.  The second piece also came down in one piece.  Good thing I have a small kitchen cause now its only a half a piece left!!

I took the cabinets down to get to the rest and here is what I was left with

Before I can get the next layer off I have to take all the screws out of the old ceiling

I am kind of nervous about what I may find under the next layer so I am going to take this time to go get me some breakfast.

So far I still get to wear my button!

check me later…

PS I hope you guys are also busy with your projects.  COMEON PPL we gotta get our cribs together and we have to inspire each other!  I want to see progress on each one of your blogs…

11:11 AM

I started taking the ceiling down on the low side.  I did the same thing as I did with the drywall: popping the screws out first but in this case its nails.  It was not working too well. Why ?  because they put a nail in practically every 4″ so I would pry a little then when the nails pop out take the nails out with the hammer and on to the next  I know I pulled out 40 nails in a section.  It was time consuming and no fun.

I got  a small  piece to come down and there was this hole in the insulation.

Bear kept looking at the hole growling.  I did not know if it was because something was up there or if he was scared.  Heck…he scared me.  After a few minutes a small piece of insulation fell and I screamed…out loud…looked to the left then to the right,,,no one heard me then laughed.  I kicked Bear out the house.  He can’t be doing this to me.

I finally took enough nails out for a section to come down and it did ….on me.  LOL I guess that was what I got for kicking Bear out. No, I am not hurt.  Thanks for asking 🙂

I took some of this debris outside to get it out my way and Bear went frolicking through the wet grass.  He came back in and was doing his usual, laying around watching me. Between the moisture from the grass and the plaster dust in the house he is a filthy mess.

I put him in his kennel …for his own good.

So now looking at the ceiling I can see that the ceiling is definitely bowed and its not from rotted wood or warped wood.  Only way to find out whats going on is to go up in the attic.  ugggh.

I might save that for the contractor.  If he ever comes…and yes this time I do have a real contractor.  And he’s cute 🙂

3:50 PM

How can I tell you that I am pissed off beyond words so that you understand the depth of my pissed offedness?  Ok so right after I updated the last time the friggin electricity went out.  I was not sure what was going on.  I was 100% sure it was not from me not paying my bill and we weren’t having adverse weather (Today) so what the hay.  I called the light company and after holding on the line with them forever someone called me, I switched over and when I switched back they were gone.  Figures.  Then I went to Taco Bell to get some lunch (and for the record I never left this morning for breakfast so don’t be thinking didn’t she just eat?).  I decided to try the Mexican pizza.  Now I traveled a little ways for Taco Bell because I wanted one of those strawberry drinks they have but of course when I got there the machine was down and I couldn’t get it.  hmmmph.  When I got home everything that was on top of the pizza slid off into the box and the taste,,,uggh…tasted burnt to me.  You know how something gets on the electrical burner in a toaster oven and when it smokes that taste gets in your food but nothing actually looks burnt?  Yeah that’s what it tasted like.  In a word….disgusting.

I had to call the light company several times before I could get through and I finally did.  They said 3,800 reports came in for lights out.  Okay so here it is 4 PM and the lights just came back on…some 4.5 hours later.  This ruined my day.  Seriously.  I was scared to exert too much energy cause it was getting warm pretty fast and with the ceiling being open and today being one of those scorcher days, I couldn’t chance much. Also my cell phone went dead and there was no way to call anyone for help if I got hurt. I do get on the job injuries…

and I started getting scared of something falling through the ceiling, like a critter, cause I did hear something, I don’t know what, scurrying in the ceiling in my bedroom.

I tried to do a little more but I had to stop because I couldn’t get the piece down for jack.  I wanted to cry at this point  from being so frustrated but I gathered up my big girl panties and did what any self-respecting handy woman would do… I took a nap to re-energize.

I thought I heard something in the kitchen and that woke me the heck up.  I looked at my clock…3:30…they said the electricity would be on by now but it wasn’t.  FUMING.  I sat on the couch staring into the kitchen making sure there was nothing in there, before I actually ventured in there.  Finally I said to myself this ceiling is coming down today in its entirety and I don’t care what the consequences are.  I went in there with crow bar in hand and got that baby down.  The nap worked!

Now what?  LOL

Soon as I swept all the debris from the ceiling up…the lights came on.  hallelujah, at least I will have some light and coolness to work in. Looking around in the light…I am back to the ugly kitchen.  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I am closing out this post as this is all I am doing to the ceiling.  Period.



3 thoughts on “Did I say 2 Steps Backward?

  1. Geez. I miss two days here… and you’ve done fifteen projects!!! What’s with ripping the ceiling down?!?! I guess I have to keep reading a few more past posts! And that hole… maybe a squirrel in your attic? Paul says they can wreak havoc on insulation.


    • I got this new medicine and now I have no pain and wow I can work like there is no tomorrow now. I took the ceiling off because it looked terrible and yeah I could have patched it but it would not look the same as a nice brand new ceiling. It was prompted by Curt’s remark on putting corner beads on the ceiling/wall union but it looks so terrible i just said screw it…I might as well go for it, so I did. I think I am going to be very happy. That hole could have come from squirrels or the bad leak I had a while ago or shrinkage from age. It has been up there for at least 40 years. I am going to get some more blown in after I replace the last ceiling that needs to be replaced… I think its time.


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